Unidentified high-ranking N. Korean official wraps up secret visit to Beijing

A high-ranking North Korean official reportedly
arrived in Beijing late Monday,… onboard a special train used by the regime’s former
leader. Extra tight security… has raised speculation
that the visitor could be Kim Jong-un. Whoever it is, the latest from Reuters is
that the train has already left the Chinese capital. Lee Jeong-yeon has the full story. Reports suggest a high-ranking North Korean
official has paid a visit to Beijing,… and that person may have been the regime’s leader
Kim Jong-un. Citing unidentified sources, Bloomberg reported
Monday… that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un made a surprise trip to Beijing,… but said
it had no further details. A motorcade was seen in the Chinese capital
after ten o’clock Monday night,… heading from The Great Hall of the People towards
Diaoyutai State Guest House,… where North Korean leaders have previously stayed. Japanese media reported… a special train
was spotted… similar to the one used by former North Korean leader Kim Jong-il for
his China visit. Security around the city was extra tight,…
with several trains delayed and tourists cleared from the area near Tiananmen Square. On Tuesday morning, the motorcade was spotted
leaving the guest house and heading north… possibly to Chinese government offices. At this point, the visit may already be over. The latest report by Reuters cites a witness
saying the North Korean train left Beijing Tuesday afternoon. A Chinese military source told Reuters that
the possibility of the visitor being Kim Jong-un cannot be ruled out. But South Korean media also suggest… it
could have been Kim Jong-un’s sister, Kim Yo-jong,… or North Korea’s de facto second-in-command,
Choe Ryong-hae. South Korea’s presidential office says it’s
been aware of a trip of this kind since a few days ago… but does not know exactly
who the visitor or visitors were. But it also says an improvement in North Korea-China
relations ahead of the relay summits… would be a positive sign. China’s foreign ministry says it knows nothing
about the supposed visit,… while Washington says it cannot verify those reports. Lee Jeong-yeon, Arirang News.

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