Unlocking the secret of longevity | Satisfaction in a healthy relationship

in this series of video I’m going to
walk you through the unlocked secret of longevity which is the effects of
healthy relationship on your mental and physical health these will give you a
way of realizing whether your relationship is healthy or not keep
watching for an overview on this healthy tip and science behind it
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which you would like to know more please put it in the comment section a video about longest study in
psychology conducted by Harvard University motivated us to produce these
videos they asked teenager participants that what is their main life goal 80
percent replied to get rich and 50% of which wanted to become famous
their main study started from 1938 with 724 teenagers from two different
socio-economic classes one from Harvard students and the other came from the
poorest neighbors of Boston after 80 years of studying medical testing and
questioning them interestingly the research conclusion can be described in
one sentence good relations keep us happier and healthier yes good relations
keep you healthy and loneliness literally kills you loneliness is a state of
mind characterized by a dissociation between what you want or expect from a
relationship and you experience in the relationship because it’s a state
of mind being physically alone is neither necessary nor a sufficient
condition to experience loneliness you may experience moments in your life that
you are lonely in the crowed, on happy relation a bad marriage or even in a stressful
situation like migration one of the latest studies about people who
immigrate to Australia shows that those who feel lonely we’re at the higher risk
of mental issues like PTSD serious mental illness and poor general health
loneliness kills it’s as powerful as smoking or alcoholism as professor one
Waldinger said he also mentioned that the role of genetics and long live ancestors
is less important to longevity than the level of satisfaction with the
relationship in your mid life then it seems that the level of satisfaction in
our relationships especially in romantic ones plays the main role on our health
at this point we became curious whether we are in a satisfactory relation or not
to answer this question I found an article written by Kira Asatryan she
found out there is a common thread among those couples in their early stage of
relationship who can’t wait to get down the aisle they all have the high level
of satisfaction with their relationship she also proposed a helpful
self-assessment questionnaire to determine the level of your relationship
satisfaction and if you are with the right person or not
assess how satisfied you feel in your relationship that’s question one how
much are you satisfied in sex finance emotional intimacy communication and so
on you have to know that there are several factors that affect your
satisfaction in the relationship they are not as simple as you think
for instance emotional support is one of the factors which should be taken into
account and it will cause relationship satisfaction indirectly the mindfulness
of your partner is also important the higher mindfulness predicts the higher
level of relationship satisfaction and the greater capacity to better respond
to relationship stress have you been more satisfied in another relationship
that’s the second question for example you found out it is easier to explain
yourself with an ex than you do in your current relationship if yes then start
to talk with your new partner and tell him or her what makes you more satisfied
and remember starting a conversation always is a good idea
can you imagine more satisfaction with just some small changes if yes it would
likely help your relationship if you talk about them with your partner and
start making adjustments and the final question is to realize if you need to do
some self work for example if you are not satisfied very easily or by some
changes then you don’t know what you need from a relationship or if you have
any problem about self-esteem first of all you have to make decision about it
and try to improve because studies suggest that high self-esteem is
beneficial in romantic relationship and has a positive effect also on your
partner’s happiness I know I know this is the trickiest one but it could help
you to be a single for a while to connect with your deeper individual
needs and values what is your experience in this case we will be so glad if you
share it with us in the next video I’m gonna discuss about healthy relationship
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