Vaping Congressman Duncan Hunter Will Plead Guilty | All In | MSNBC

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  1. Wife is the cause? Out with Not the Wife? Blame the Wife? Vaping in government buildings? Son buying XBOX games? 60 counts? 1300 on Fortnite? 😂🤣

  2. Liberals are really reaching with this news stories….. must be very depressing that you wake up and go to your job and report on reality tv stunts like these…. #pathetic

  3. I like how they had to bring up the vaping. No idea the relevance of that other than the attempt to make it look bad.

  4. So, he's being charged with using campaign funds to spend on vaping? But like, in that picture he's got the crappiest old junk mod ever, like 15 bucks at a gas station level crappy… What?

  5. Oh geez look another corrupt republican victim. Sure are alot of theses in the GOP. Nunez involment with Ukraine he fails to mention. JIM Jordan allows kids to be molested & let's not forget Geatz and his DUI". All victims.

  6. His Dad was a descent Rep, if I remember correctly. Duncan Hunter and Tom Tancedo were about the first candidates the Dems got rid of, in the election of 2008. They always do away with the ones they fear the most, as soon as they can. I was lamenting the withdrawal of Duncan Hunter to one of his office staff and they assured us there was a plan to make things better. I know Duncan was referring to his Son who was still in the military. I think his dad had more faith in Duncan, the Son, than Duncan himself had. This is a sad turn of events … and gives the opposing party bragging rights.

  7. What FOX outing another Republican? They are becoming Main Stream Media? Say it ain't so (GOP say behind closed doors). Good work MSNBC on the report.

  8. And this is why we can't have anything nice in California. Corrupt politicians are killing our state. We have jokers like this guy running things who abuse funds. On the Left AND Right.

  9. Why isn't Rashida tlaib and ilhan Omar on your list here yeah you Democrats never do nothing wrong to you nobody claims to be angels and there's corruption all three government but you seem to think Democrats never conduct corruption and we clearly know they do they should be in jail but you never talk about your little precious Democrats now do you but at least they're paying the price you all are still free for now

  10. This Misspent Video game Money Is Nothing Compared To The Way More Serious Stuff Like War Crimes The Politicians Are Guilty Of Like Clinton and Obama LYING About Assad Gassing His Own People To Make Reason To Bomb Syria. They Are Responsible For A Lot Of Innocent People (mostly old people, women and children) KILLED in their very lucrative and profitable games!

  11. Finance charges….lmfao…finance charges, are the things corrupt officials try to get you on, to get you out of the picture.

  12. Class act Duncan. Hide behind your military service and bounce back by giving the family the old bus chuck. You’re going to make neat new friends in the joint, punk.

  13. Wait, did he really just throw his WIFE under the bus??? U😆😆😆😆😆😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😡😡😡😂😂😂😂😂😂😫🥺🤣

  14. Wow I wonder if any other Public Official is doing the same thing??? NAAA Right? Hopefully they won't use their Family for bus pavement?

  15. Could you imagine how long this would have continued if he never got caught?!?
    But now congressman high five'n motherf%@kr can take a page from President Trumps play book by working harder on behalf of the American people so the public can rightfully focus on his big successes rather than some fake witch Hunt unnecessarily distracting our hero from making America great once again.
    Well I say thank you President Obama for at least giving Republicans a head start. Compared to deep cellar Bush 2 left us in, after floor supporting our nation suddenly collapsed beneath our feet.

  16. not gonna lie, its not very embarrassing damaging or problematic for republicans, but it can give the ford flopped dnc press something to parade around, considering they cant get excited about any of their circus candidates without voters being disgusted scared and panicked.

  17. It was only a mistake because he got caught. People normally don't make mistakes on purpose
    Spending money that's not yours on video games is not a mistake, neither is spending money on flying the family pet rabbit across the country

  18. So what does this have to do with trump? Not a trump fan, or a fan of any member of the government cult of personality, but when is the media going to realize how ridiculous it is? I guess as long as there are still a few people who are brainwashed they will keep up their shenanigans.

  19. I’m not sure what this had to do with trump. Some of the democrats in my city were arrest for corruption and not one news anchor brought up obama.

  20. steals tens of thousands of dollars from voters, blames his wife and SON, cheats on his wife, then does a cheap cop out instead of actually apologizing? and hes blowin o's like a mad doucher all over capitol hill? was this dude raised in a frat house??

  21. Hunters going down. Pretty sure this is not a case of power of attorney. He wasn't physically or mentally incompetent. Hope his lungs seize up.

  22. He used the funds for himself, not for anything for the president. So what? This doesn’t pertain to the impeachment show

  23. Joe Biden openly admitted to bribing Ukraine to stop investigating his son. No charges. Hilary Clinton mishandled US government secrets. No charges. Obama abused the FISA courts to spy on opponents. No charges.

  24. Funny. You didn’t run any stories about THREE members of the squad that went through the same thing. One might almost think that the news is……..biased.

  25. I don't care what political party you are working for – when you do something illegal, you NEED to be accountable for it! Let's put the greedy piggies where they belong – jail/prison.

  26. Netenyahu's wife accepted fruit baskets, chocolates and even swimming pool cleanings, not knowing who sent them or who paid the pool boy. Now her husband is indicted. I was 19 when my father was elected to the city council. I took every turkey. ham and bottle of whiskey the the oil refinery and dump sent to him. He had no idea they were trying to butter him up.

  27. Where is the misuse of campaign funds stories about Ilhan Omar, AOC, Rashida Talib? Oh wait their democrats. Nevermind.

  28. Sounds like his wife actually is the one morally wrong here even though he's still ultimately on the hook.

    He shouldn't have given her power of attorney.

  29. "Birds of a feather flock together"; those in Trump's circle share a common trait, they're greedy powermongers devoid of moral character.

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