Virus Scandal: Senators Accused Of Profiting Off Coronavirus Info | MSNBC

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  1. The rich get richer all while committing crimes (stealing money, etc), but if we smoke the same pot they do we go to jail.

  2. This sickens me to the core.
    I imagine that some politicians see what their fearless leader does and from their perspective, it's OK.

  3. These criminals no longer hide their criminal actions. They commit them openly, and flagrantly stepping and spitting on the law.

  4. The mortality rate for CoronaVirus is very high they’re telling us, a quick check on this fact. Today 3/23/2020 we have 517 deaths from the 42,443 tested positive’s in the United States. The math comes out to a 1.21% death rate. What they’re not telling  you on the nightly news while they pound you that if you go outside you’re as good as dead is that CDC estimates are that tens of thousands of Americans are walking around with Coronavirus with barely a sniffle.  The CDC doesn’t want these people tested because God forbid we had hard evidence that would drive down the Coronavirus mortality rate to where it really is…  A fraction of one percentage point making it really tough to pull off this insanely destructive pandemic crisis

    Someone with a little clout better get on the Tube real fast with this because we have very little time. The maniacs behind this insanity are down on Wall Street with a wrecking ball.

  5. Figures Democrats are giving Feinstein a pass for profiteering. Just like how CA voters voted for a man who booty checked his campaign managers wife while mayor of SF.

  6. It's no different than win they made everybody by insurance and then all the congressmen bought stocks and to the insurance companies then vote in Obamacare so it goes up

  7. Whine whine whine is All Americans are good for while they get Fkd Squeal little piggies as your masters screw you

  8. For once in my life I agree with tucker Carlson. The politicians in this country are in for themselves democrats and republicans but the republicans are a lot more bold about it.

  9. All government officials are crooks and selfish demons who only have an agenda for the elite rich families like the bulderbergs and the Rothschilds in including the roman catholic church who want absolute power its not a coincidence that after the pope meet with all the Leaders of the European and states ,also Facebook and Google that this Covid 19 came after the Pope wanted all leaders to sign something.

  10. Today, Mar 23 2020, I had a phone conference with the congressman Rick Larson and look what happened.
    I regret not allowing me to talk on the conference call today. I registered to ask a question and I got a conformation message but finally I was not invited to talk. I understand that people shall not know that is a cure and prevention for diseases. That is to enhance immune system to prevent and cure diseases. The book provides enough concepts to find the way to enhance immune system.
    Here is my prepared talk on the phone if I would be allowed:
    "Hi Mr. Rick Larson.
    I am David Muresan from Camano Island Washington state. As you know I am an inventor with 7 patents and many more new ideas. One of my idea is about special clothes capable to keep the body heat inside of our body. These clothes have a sauna effect and I call them Portable Sauna. I develop and use my portable sauna over 20 years and I did not have a major infection in this time. Moreover, I kissed my wife twice, two years apart, when she had a severe upper respiratory infection and I did not get any infection. My immune system digested ay virus I took from my wife.
    Is the government interested to allow doctors to experiment my Portable Sauna on patients?"

    Also I wrote to president Trump today the following and I ask if you can pay attention to it?
    "Mr. President.
    Is time for a new approach in human health. That is to use our own immune system to prevent and cure infections. I wish to work in your administration to conduct such researches. I have the knowledge and objectivity to do such a work. The objective will be also to find the origin of viruses and prevention. Also we shall find the causes of each disease. The explanation that the cause of a disease is not known shall not be allowed any longer among health care professionals. We conquer the space and we cannot find a simple thing, how the viruses are born. We may propose simple experiments and an objective conclusion may lead us to results. We may engaged scientist from all over the world to come with ideas presented through emails. What you have to do is to approve such a research and to form a board of 3 competent people. I wish to be one of them. David Muresan "

  11. About hypocrisy Vladimir Putin was right: There is only corruption–sometimes more, sometimes less–and no justice, not even in America.

  12. This boils down to what I have heard my entire life from society, "republicans are for the rich and those economically comfortable, and the democrats are for the poor, the working class, and those in need" this is like death and taxes, it never changes.

  13. Companies should know that there has been and will be epidemics. They have been warned many times. Look to the Gates Foundation. Everybody should be prepared. The team that was fired was a goldmine of knowledge too. Hopefully the world will be a better place one day, but first a step back.

  14. Jared started his greed campaign early. Anyway that didn't think they would make money is sleep. Standard M.O.

  15. When u withhold info as our head intelligent person n it causes the deaths of Americans that could have been prevented if u were not greedy u should be held accountable for their deaths sir

  16. nothing will be done to any of these profiteers…there are no longer any rules (or laws) for politicians…our country is doomed

  17. The GOLDEN CALF is an addiction … filled with power , greed and corruption! Please remove " IN GOD WE TRUST " from our monetary notes!!! NOT true!!! And replace it with " POWER GREED AND CORRUPTION!" Much more relevant!!

  18. Why are Democrats using their power in congress and the misleading MEDIA to stop President Trump from effectively containing the spread of the deadly Chinese-disease? and why Democrat want to ruin the economy of the American worker, well NBC News got the answer. Because: Heading into re-election, President Trump now sees the Corona-virus attacking his two most significant assets — a growing economy and the approval of older Americans whose lives are disproportionately threatened by the Corona-virus. – NBC News

  19. China is the exemplary and meritorious model for the world road maps. also, China's charitable mega work loads shipped impressive medical supplies and medical professionals to Italy, Spain, Serbia and lots of other countries asked China for supplies and assistances.  China generously shipping all the supplies needed helping those nations in need without a single Western report on the webs.  "China Bashing" IS the favorable Sports of the Wests 24/7/365 for last 70 years. 

    The West New agencies, West News Programs per subject one, and all the West Pundits absolutely keeping "Blind, Deaf, Silence" playing politics games

    The Wests displaying their DNA at  the world stages per "COVID 19" truly dirty, ugly, defected, shame and travesty.

  20. Don't let this go. Do not forget who spoke out of both sides of the mouth and profited like CRAZY on this. You should be held to a higher standard or your funds should be put into a blind trust and managed by someone who you can't and won't talk to.

    MARTHA STUART!!!! Why not these guys and gals!!
    Prison changes you. Martha and Snoop Dog are TIGHT now!

  22. Hard to imagine. These are the same scum that put Martha Stewart in prison for taking the advice of her investment manager.

  23. Don't listen to just one sided news trashing! The Left is attempting to add some of the political agenda for the 'New Green Deal' (or new world order) into the relief bill. They will hold the assistance for the American people until you agree to the far Left agenda. This is political bullying as far as I see it. Those 'extra' taxes/policies will become 'raised taxes' on the American people as soon as they return to work. We need to protest against or remove politicians who hold American citizens hostage at their most vulnerable time.
    The 'Relief Bill' is to assist US citizens and to make sure our jobs stay in business until we return to them. 'Who is the Shady Politician? is a game we can pay AFTER the citizens get the relief they need. You are arguing over politics while mass amounts of citizens become ill!
    The Far Left is also trying to push through adding some identity politics and other new laws to the relief bill. So you will starve until you agree to their agenda.
    I am a Democrat but I protest use of crisis for political gain. You cannot represent the people if you blackmail them for a vote.

  24. We don't have testing and we don't have enough labs is true. The ones we have are backlogged. The 'Wartime' bill the Prez created is utilizing military, labs and supplies now and opening up access to have manufacturers produce medical supplies (like masks and tests paks) rather than waiting for supplies from foreign countries. Also the war bill allowed the Prez to use construction industry's to convert and/or build medical facilities to care for victims of this virus. They are even considering DIY tests similiar to a DNA self test kit. The Prez has a handle on it if they let him do his job.

  25. Capitalism what a wonderful world🙈🙈 Cuba is helping other country’s they have free healthcare and longer life expectancy . Let that sink in.

  26. Loeffler…burr…Feinstein..probably many more..who haven't come to light…wanted the common guy to trust the markets and not rush to sell…all the while unloading theirs….disgusting….

  27. No worries, this is what republicans do, they do for themselves and always have had. Their genius lies in convincing those they don't ever help to vote for them. Stupid gets what stupid votes for.

  28. capitalism has to end,it is killing people,destroying the planet. it is an outdated mode of life,it has no place in a world where we need a future for all and protection of our lives.profit over humanity has too stop. capitalism belongs back in the dark days of the eighties.

  29. politicians should get paid the minimum wage of their state. have a 2 yr term and all financials should be heavily scrutinized.

  30. Politicians lie. What a shocker! Why would a wealthy politician give working class Americans the heads up on trading and selling theirr stock, when it gives the wealthy a leg up on more profitable stock??

  31. As terrible this virus is, it sure has exposed a lot of things. Let's just get through this pandemic, when it's all under control, we got a long list of things and or people to take care of.

  32. Nah go commit inside trading & laugh all the way to their tax cheating havens. Martha Stewart, a woman, spent time in prison for committing the same crime ?!?!?

  33. These two United States Senators are guilty of selling millions in stock after receiving information on the coronavirus. And not only are they guilty but their financial adviser and the corporation/company are guilty too. Did they tell you what was going on, oh they probably figure you did need any money? Well, h#ll I take donation!!

  34. Yeah you really care about us working class families MSNBC. You did everything you could to get rid of Sanders so that the ruling class democratic establishment wouldn't have to pay their share of taxes or give up any of their corrupt power & you succeeded. You are as much to blame for the situation we are in as Trump.

  35. It didn't bother me cause since birth all I've done is worry about some white man to take my life. So a virus is a blessing to me.

  36. You can really tell who worship money. Like Trump and these two black holes. They should be ashamed and fired. 🙁 Songs

  37. Same sort of people that would call their lawyer to broker a book deal before calling emergency services for their own mother.

  38. Why aren't you mentioning Diane Feinstein????? She sold millions after the virus meeting????? Let's list them all, Buddy.

  39. I wonder what trumpits say about this, probably something around "its free market they can do whatever they want! Blugh!"

    Sad sad times

    Register to vote today!!!
    DUMPtrump and his lying, corrupt, criminal administration and senate!

  41. Yes, Trump will make billions out off of this bail out, America just needs to bend over, and enjoy it, because you have no choice until November.

  42. Make money selling their stocks. Make money on buying stocks.
    Make a bill to help the companies that got hurt with them selling their stocks.

  43. The problem is their are too many old people who play by these rules and they go out and vote. So these criminals will stay in office.

  44. @MSNBC : BE on the watch out for the TRUMP nasty plot and revenge against AFRICAN AMERICANS this coming EASTER. The revenge is based on what happened in the DEMOCRATS primaries recently.What happened truly unsettled TRUMP in a fundamental way. The EASTER thing is based on the religious practices of BLACK AMERICANS at EASTER. They attend CHURCH in greater numbers hence the TRUMP plot is to precipitate a COVID-19 infection especially on the elderly BLACKS in the Southern States. Watch out for this NASTY PLOT.

  45. So i’ll assume everyone as usual will just ignore the MASSIVE coincidence the ’IT’S IN THE NAMES’ one that’s always there to see but what’s the point in pointing out the obvious to Americans, they say and do nothing about it, AIPAC will continue to run Congress and [email protected] will continue to get ‘Aid’i t’s not needed for decades (if ever at all since it was a Rothschild creation.) that ‘Aid’ is up at $900+ BILLION ‘so far’ and counting, plus don’t expect it to stop anytime soon either, there’s other swimming pools to build in yet more ‘illegal’ settlements, i mean you did know there’s a pool built with every single jhu’ish house in [email protected] and a ‘jhu’ish’ use only one in each street, anyway how’s Detroit or The West’s ‘Rustbelt’ anymore bridges crumbled into dust of late (anyway RIP the USS Liberty Crew lost at sea when they were shot up then napalmed the injured on the decks and in life rafts whilst injured by [email protected], trying to escape the ‘US built ‘and paid for’ Jets as they did run after run trying to sink the ship to get rid of the ‘evidence’ and J McCain Snr and other traitors covered it up for them afterwards) anyway did you know that 80% of Congress have signed a treasonous Oath of Loyalty to [email protected], an on the books hanging offence, that’s pretty much all of the Repubs and a lot of Dems, it’s why [email protected] itself refuses point blank to le5 ‘any’ dual passport holders serve in it’s own Government at any level as they fully understand you cannot serve two masters’, that includes US Passports just in case you thought you’d be treated as special, you’re a cash cow and they’ll use every American son & now daughter to fight their battles if needs be and most likely will (oh and ‘911’s ‘5 ‘ Dancing’ [email protected]’s, that happy they danced, then caught in a van full of guns and explosives as they went to blow up the Brooklyn Bridge to stop rescue vehicles getting in and people getting out as the plan was for o er300’000 dead but hero’s’ stopped the full plan from happening, they got ‘medals by [email protected] after Chertoff got them released from a Federal Prison ‘illegally’ and then they also did a talk show tour back home in [email protected], i’ll assume the ‘Art Students’’ and 1000+ other [email protected] who disappeared from their ‘street stalls’ who were being watched by the FBI also got medals eh !!???

  46. Just think, these ppl have children & grandchildren that likely already feel special, above, & maybe even entitled in life. Add psychopathic greed atop of that &you have an entirely NEW group of psychopaths to deal with.😐😭😔

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