Was a Superstar responsible for what happened to Roman Reigns on SmackDown LIVE?: WWE Now

Ryan Pappolla for WWE Now and Roman Reigns
avoided sure disaster this past Tuesday night when lighting equipment nearly
crushed the Big Dog on SmackDown Live. An investigation determined that the near
catastrophe was caused by forklift driver error. But many are questioning
aloud if Reigns was target. For what it’s worth, Reigns is accepting
the results of the investigation. Believing it to be an accident and not harboring any ill will
towards the WWE crew. Speculation hasn’t calmed though,
with Drew McIntyre being prompted by WWE management to put out this
video on the incident.>>I’m gonna put this to bed right now. One, I don’t give a damn, two, I wouldn’t have missed, three,
I really don’t give a damn. Four, has any one watched the product
the past, I don’t know five, six, seven months? I love beating up Roman Reigns and
bragging about it and I would do it to his face. Five, you see all those damns
floating around that I give? No, you don’t, because there ain’t any.>>WWEs own digital channel’s
even got in on the who done it. With the wwe.com article not only throwing
out McIntyre’s name is a potential suspect, but also longtime Reigns
rivals Samoa Joe and Shane McMahon. Samoa Joe was then directly asked if he
was involved, responding less than kindly to the accusation in a Pittsburgh airport,
as you’ll see here. The Samoan Submission Machine would
later be fined for those actions. The official WWE Instagram would go a step
further, creating this graphic of Joe, Mike Kanellis, Daniel Bryan,and Intercontinental
Champion Shinsuke Nakamura looking like they’re posing for the
Blu-ray cover of the Usual Suspects and asking if any of them could
potentially have been responsible. So do you think the incident
was an accident or that someone intentionally
went after the Big Dog? Let us know on Twitter and keep up
with WWE Digital for all the latest.

99 Replies to “Was a Superstar responsible for what happened to Roman Reigns on SmackDown LIVE?: WWE Now”

  1. Bring in someone new. Like Tama Tonga. Make WWE exciting again. Bring in G.O.D . And make something where Samoa Joe helps Roman

  2. That Roman reign attacker might be c.m punk. I would be too please to see him back.
    C.M PUNK
    C.M PUNK
    C.M PUNK
    C.M PUNK
    Come back to wwe punk. We love you a lot.

  3. The Suspects are maybe:
    Daniel Bryan
    John Cena
    Drax The Destroyer ( a.k.a batista )
    Jon Moxley ( a.k.a dean ambrose )

  4. A commenter said it was Buddy Murphy due to what the culprit was wearing.

    I think it was an AEW invader trying to assassinate WWE's potential saviors.

  5. Intentionally did it..whole wwe know who has done it…whole wwe has cctv running 24hr and recording those for 24 hr too..

  6. this is a spoiler : the attacker of Roman Reigns is Daniel Bryan who attack Roman Reigns and now in summerslam is Roman Reigns vs Daniel Bryan

  7. If it is a WWE superstar it would have to be one who has gotten their fair share of screen time like Buddy Murphy. It wouldn't make sense for the attacker to be a main star sense all week main stars either like to beat up Roman or their friends with him


  9. So last night I searched google for the suspects of who might of attacked Roman Reigns and one stood out to me that was Interesting so they ruled the first attack as an accident but they dont mention that Mr Buddy Murphy was on the scene If wwe would've released that we all would've thought it was him it would've been too obvious so them not releasing that keeps everyone guessing! This is why I think it was him!

    1. He was at the scene!
    2. When thinking about Mr Murphy I remember when Shane held that public meeting with the superstars on stage and Kevin Owens mentioned Buddy Murphy as one of the guys that doesn't get tv time and Murphy afterwards said that he didnt need Owens to help him and definitely sounded pissed and talked like a heel!
    3. So Buddy Murphy was seen and even talked at the meeting and sounded like a heel and I believe he hasn't had a fight yet on the main shows I could be wrong!

    4. So he's a heel who was one of the best talented wrestlers on Nxt got brought up to the main show but doesnt get tv time or any matches and Ricochet and Cedric Alexander gets more tv and matches over him even if they deserve it something doesn't quite add up!
    5. Who ever attacked Roman Reigns recently is either a Coward or trying to make a name for himself obviously these attacks before Summerslam are to weaken Roman Reigns before the PPV to have a chance to beat Roman!
    6. The car that was driven isnt the style of any big guys Raw or Smackdown has and it makes sense for a regular sized guy to drive plus most big guys wouldn't hide their identity like that everytime!

  10. I know drew McIntyre is acting in that video he did but clearly when he's 1st put in that feud with Roman reigns it looked like 2 me he's jealous of Roman getting the attention

  11. that was not a mistake someone did it. these dudes really despise Roman,why would it happen at the time roman arrives at first?? If the wwe really care would investigate and fire the dude or charge the person and give the person a warning too

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