7 Replies to “WATCH LIVE: CBC Vancouver News at 6 for Feb 13. — Rail Blockades, Olympic Legacy, Coronavirus”

  1. this is insane. i grew up poor and in group homes in vancouver and i cant afford rent while i try to launch a small business, everyone needs a movement for affordable housing not whatever the hell is going on now. if these people get money or some settlement because of this mafia style movement im gonna be furious. All the protestors have wasted most of the progressives political capital in canada. this is devastating long term for the left and progressives. All these dumb middle class, usually young ignorant people are hijacking the left for nothing more then a small group of people trying to extort the government. to top it off they are showing signs of racism and bigotry to regular people, complete insanity.

  2. What are they demanding anyway? They don’t want it? But of most their own people already said “yes”. Then they want dictatorship. They are just dictators!!!! Respect the majority!!!! That is democracy !!!!

  3. Misinformation has caused this to become bigger than it should have, all the Wet’suwet’en elected leaders on the route support the pipeline.

  4. Right now Treadue is donating Canadian money to fund coal and other natural resources in Africa. These protesters who voted for him have no clue what he's doing

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