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  1. As a Canadian, our entire education system is funded by taxpayers Felicia & Lori should sue the ring leader/ con artist that cheated them out of massive amounts of $$$$$$. They should also sue the government especially if these elite universities are indeed funded with taxpayer $$$. If they do receive public funding,,,,,, than education should be accessible to everyone regardless of wealth. We cannot ignore the fact that the Kushner family made a huge donation so Jarod could be accepted in some fancy elite Ivy League university. A donation is technically no different from a bribe. The true miscarriage of justice is when a poor black, homeless woman spends serious jail time simply trying her best to provide education for her child. America should wake up & demand the end to taxpayer $$$$ supporting any private school/university that does not benefit or enrol the general population.

  2. The downfall of America will be class wars & this silly concept of elitism were only the very wealthy can afford education while the general impoverished population pays the tax bill for the wealthy,,,,,,,, that seem to never pay taxes.

  3. I knew the system would let her get away with it. I expect the same will happen with Loughlin. Money makes justice blind.

  4. There is nothing special about Hellyweed people.
    Many of them are dumb.

    They broke the laws, send them to prison according the
    sentencing guideline.

  5. Only Al Gore and Chris Como can brought people to get there kids in college only people in Congress are allowed to get away with that they're using government grants that we pay for I'm not sending to do anything wrong but f**** prison time is ridiculous for either one of them I've never been to prison but I know plenty of people would have and believe me there's no such thing as a country club prison and neither one of them deserve that

  6. Fine them a couple of million dollars which they can easily pay and put that towards something useful let maybe cleaning s*** off the streets in Los Angeles or building the f**** wall on our border that we need help for disabled veterans those are both bleeding-heart liberals and I don't like liberals but fair is fair they don't deserve to go to prison

  7. The people that solicited them and took the bribes they should go to jail but the people are just trying to get their kids in college the real crime is race-based admissions but Jesse Jackson wouldn't have even had to bribe get his kids in a good college and I'm not saying that because they probably have high test scores even if they're twice as smart as Jesse Jackson and probably couldn't pass special ed

  8. I don't understand this eye for an eye mentality. People are just jealous and want the worst for someone else since it was done to them or someone they know. You shouldn't wish those things on others. Honestly she didn't have a record so I think she should have gotten no time in prison. She also shouldn't have to pay a huge fine just because she's rich.

  9. The racist Affirmative Action pogrom gives african students an unfair advantage. She was trying to level the playing field.
    And what about the "athletes" that can not even spell football ?

  10. I think that is a fair sentence for Felicity. She was contrite from the beginning. Lori is another story. She is still claiming she did nothing wrong. I think they should throw the book at her.

  11. Prison? Ha with satin sheets and coffee makers? They don't get put in regular jail like everyone else. Wow 14 days big deal. And the fine is chump change for them.

  12. Bravo Felicity for admitting guilt and not spending tax payer money for a trial like others who are guilty and plead not guilty. This has nothing do with skin color.

  13. What Harms did these two loving moms did to the public? They did not change their zip code to deceive the public. They did not steal the money to put their children thru school so their children can have a better life. Would you go out and shoot the mama bear who try furiously to protect her young cups? If your answer is YES, then you are very cruel just like all those Frenchies that were laughing and chanting next to the Guillotine.

  14. Everyone has an upper hand to college uses it. Some use tutoring, others advisors through their whole high school, or riches can pay for charities boosting their application. All they did was play the loopholes of colleges to their advantage. The problems not with the parents but that it’s possible for this to happen.

  15. Due to sentence guidelines the most she could serve is 6 months for the crime. She played it smart by being remorseful, 1st offender. She did receive a larger fine, higher community service but less probation. Now, for the others who go to trial after pleading not guilty will get prison time. While I think she should have gotten the maximum prison time even as a 1st offender, fine, community service and five years probation. This is what would happened to an average person.

  16. There are different sentence guidelines for each state unless it is a federal case. If you live in a state and your crime is a state felony they can throw you to the wolves.

  17. Honestly how hard could it have been for these rich celebrities to get effective tutors for their kids? I’m not from the States but I’ve tried SAT prep and it’s not too hard to get a decent score with some help learning and lots of practice.
    This sentencing is pretty hilarious though. 14 days is nothing. I think it’ll be good if Lori gets more time

  18. Who cares if she MIGHT be rich and famous. She’s white. By default she’s the VICTIM!! She deserves to be kept on her pedestal and be empowered as the strong woman that she is!!

  19. I respect her for admitting she did it and it was wrong. She apologized to her husband, daughter, the court, and to all the college kids who work so hard to get into university. She said she was ashamed of what she had done and she was ready to accept her punishment. You can’t hate on her because she is rich. She screwed up big time, admitted her guilt, apologized for what she did and accepted her sentence. That doesn’t seem like an arrogant, rich person feeling entitled. Her sentence was more than two weeks- she had a $30,000 fine and 250 hours of community service as well as two weeks in jail.

  20. Let’s hope that the time matched the crime and for those who did bigger misdeeds in this than Ms. Huffman will get bigger sentences.

  21. Wow! Did people squawk that much about OJ Getting away with double murder??? The whole system is corrupt.. money buys everything$$

  22. Between her and her husband they are worth hundreds of millions of dollars and their kids have every advantage to do well that there possibly is and still trying to cheat the system. The judge should have given her the maximum.

  23. Lori better get at least a year. She was a repeat offender, she pleaded not guilty, she made one of the biggest bribes, and it really doesnt look like she's remorseful. But nah, she'll get a month max.

  24. If Laughlin receives years for this scandal (which I think she should and I’m one of her biggest fans, but you must serve your time if you’ve done something wrong, we all have to), then so should Huffman.

  25. I think jail time is ridiculous for any non violent crime because that’s just wasting taxpayer dollars. Instead I think the restitution should be scholarships for underprivileged children and community service in an under privileged school district. What is 14 days in jail going to do??? She paid for an SAT score she didn’t stop another kid from getting into the school as enrollment was NOT at max capacity. Fine her a couple million bucks, have her work with kids that really need the help and move the heck on. She’s apologized, admitted she was wrong and has showed remorse.

    Now Aunt Becky, she’s an arrogant unapologetic piece of work to say the least.

  26. She didn’t commit murder and she was remorseful and had a good lawyer. Of course she got an easy sentence. Idk why this confuses or upsets anyone.

  27. Why should anybody get jail time for cheating on a test? That sentence is so excessive. The punishment should fit the crime. John Legend is right.

  28. I think she should not go to prison. In exchange no jail time for another person who is poor……… Pay school for 2 people….. We are people of Justice not of Mercy until it happens to us or a loved one because we are sure we would never make a big mistake. You give no credit to a person who took full responsibility our country is full of people that will not take responsibility for their crimes……… God bless all.

  29. The women will get super light sentences. That is the American justice system. The men will get months/ years and the ladies will get days/weeks.

  30. Its fraud. But its not like they are diabolical and depraved criminals. Yes send a message out. I disagree with harsh punishment . They already ruined their names and that's all the freedom they have. So it will go on record for ever. They are screwed as far as reputation and with rich people reputation is EVERYTHING. So they will pay dearly for that.

  31. Wow so many people have really waited to hear these actresses to be sentenced for years in prison… what a shame, better take a closer look at yourselves, surely no one finds themselves guilty unless they are caught. To those who see discrimination everywhere here’s the truth – nobody is equal, everybody is different and unique, and therefore is treated differently, so better wake up from this stupid cookie cutter people dream of yours. You cannot celebrate diversity and equality at the same time, get real people.

  32. All of them should have to fund all of the kids who can’t afford to go to college and the kids whom their kids stole the places of smh

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