Here’s your news for
November 6 2019
We’re kicking off today with
former Universal Champion
Seth Rollins
who has once again made
headlines thanks to his
presence on social media
On this week’s RAW, Rollins
faced NXT Champion Adam
Cole in the main event
and after a hard fought match
that ended in a DQ finish,
took the time
to praise the Undisputed Era
star on Twitter.
Describing Cole as the Real
Deal, The Beast Slayer
promised it wouldn’t be
the last time the two competed,
and also gave a mention to
Triple H,
who tried to recruit the
inaugural NXT Champion
back onto the Gold brand.
Whilst this tweet was innocent
enough, Rollins would follow
this up with a
scathing comment about Dave
Meltzer, saying that the
Wrestling Observer
veteran was at best a purveyor
of misinformation, and at worst
a vindictive liar.
This outburst on social media
seems to stem from a report
where Meltzer
claimed that the Architect gave
an awkward “rah-rah” speech
to the locker room
about keeping their personal
views, especially of what
happened after the recent
Crown Jewel event, off of
social media.
Of course, this would be very
ironic if the awkward speech
turns out to be true,
but given that Rollins is straight
up calling Meltzer a liar, it was
unclear who to believe.
When Rollins flat out denied
the claims of the talk backstage,
Meltzer retracted
his claim of the talk and
apologised to Rollins, as
it seems
the Observer veteran got
things wrong on this occasion.
Speaking of Crown Jewel, more
stories have come out about
the show, as the majority
of Superstars were forced to
miss SmackDown because
of conflicting reports.

This of course, wasn’t good for
Superstar morale, as Vince
McMahon and Brock Lesnar
were able to leave on time, but
one Superstar who turned down
this chance was the Beast’s
opponent Cain Velasquez.
According to reports, the former
UFC Heavyweight Champion
was given the offer to leave on
time, alongside the company’s
top stars,
but turned it down to stay with
the roster and crew in Riyadh.
This sign of humility was well
received by the roster, as it
seems Velasquez
is already making friends in the
company, mere weeks after his
debut on the
premiere of SmackDown on
FOX last month.
This is very different from Lesnar,
who is known to keep to himself
backstage and
leave shows before they’re
finished, in what is seen as a
highly disrespectful act.
As fans know, Velasquez came up
short against the Beast in mere
minutes at the Pay Per View
thanks to an injury limiting what
Velasquez could do, but fans
should expect
the former UFC star to be on
the hunt for Lesnar once he
has recovered from surgery.
Whilst the former UFC Heavy
weight Champion came up
short when he
faced Brock Lesnars in Riyadh,
the same can’t be said for
Tyson Fury, who won
his match via count out against
Braun Strowman.
A match that stemmed from the
pair’s collision on the premiere
of SmackDown on FOX
Fury avoided using his fists for
the majority of the match, but
hit a devastating right hand
that kept the Monster Among
Men down.
Now, the lineal Boxing champion
will return to the Blue brand this
It’s unclear what the Gypsy
King will have to say, as we
previously reported
that Fury had no plans in
WWE after Crown Jewel.
All we do know is that the WWE
must be paying quite a large
sum of money
to keep Fury around, and
fans will have to tune in to
Friday Night
SmackDown to see what the
Boxing star has planned.

Whilst Velasquez and Fury may
be two of the newest faces on
they aren’t the only people to
recently commit to the company.
Yesterday, WWE confirmed the
signing of four new Superstars
to their
Performance Center, including
Scarlett Bordeaux, who recently
worked for Impact
Wrestling and had a tryout with
the company in September this
Fans may also remember
seeing the self-professed
smoke show job to Nia Jax
on the Boxing Day 2016 edition
of RAW, and it’ll be interesting
to see whether Bordeaux’s
character of bringing sexy back
to wrestling will play out in the
WWE’s PG product.
Bordeaux wasn’t the only
signing to the company
as Shotzi Blackheart has also
joined the WWE.
Fans may remember Blackheart’s
hard hitting performance in a No
match at EVOLVE’s 10th
anniversary show that aired
on the WWE Network
and Shotzi was personally
presented with a WWE contract
by NXT General Manager
William Regal at a recent
EVOLVE show in Atlanta,
Australia’s Indi Hartwell also
signed with WWE and the
One has been living up to her
nickname in her brief career.
The 22 year old has cited
Sasha Banks and Bayley’s
battles in NXT as part
of the reason she became a
wrestler, and after racking up
championships in her home
country as well as in promotions
like Shimmer, will look to do the
same in WWE.
Though no male Superstars
were signed to a contract, the
WWE did pick up
Referee Stephon Smith, a
graduate of Ohio Valley
Wrestling who recently
officiated in Evolve, before
making the switch to WWE.
From four new faces in WWE
to arguably its biggest face
of all time now,
as Hulk Hogan is set to bust out
his acting chops very soon on
ABC’s The Goldbergs.
The popular sitcom is set in the
1980s, when Hulkamania was
at it’s peak,
and will be a special Wrestle
Mania themed episode, with
three of the show’s
main characters trying to get in
to the showcase of the Immortals.
Hogan won’t be the only Super
star to make his presence felt in
the wrestling themed episode,
as former WWE Intercontinental
Champion Carlito will also appear,
though in an unspecified role.
With a name like The Goldbergs,
fans may have expected a certain
other former World Champion
to show up, and yes, WWE’s
has made appearances for the
show over the years.
From one former Universal
Champion to another now, as
the new holder of the red
strap Bray Wyatt has made his
first appearance with the title
on WWE Backstage.
Appearing on last night’s
episode of the show, Wyatt
hosted a special edition
of the Firefly Fun House, and
showcased his new Universal
which includes portraits of the
Fiend on the side plates
These plates are much different
than what Wyatt had when he
captured the
WWE Championship in 2017,
as the title is more focused
on the Fiend character which
debuted earlier this year.
Over the past few days, there
had been speculation of
Wyatt debuting
an entirely new championship
belt as the Red title is now on
Team Blue
but it seems that isn’t the case
for the time being.
Speaking of Wyatt, the eater of
worlds may have taken his title
to SmackDown,
but did have one final match
on RAW after the show before
departing for the Blue brand.
Facing Seth Rollins inside a
steel cage, this match marked
Wyatt’s first title
defense since becoming
Universal Champion at Crown
Jewel, and the company
once again used the red
lighting for the two like
they’ve done in the past.
After a back and forth bout, the
finish saw Rollins deliver
several stomps in the center
of the ring, but was prevented
from escaping the cage by
Wyatt, who dragged
him back to the center, Instead
of escaping though, the Fiend
would hit the Sister
Abigail on Rollins to get the
pinfall victory, and after the
lights went out, Wyatt
reappeared on the stage,
raising the title in the air to
send the fans home
Whilst Wyatt had a fitting send
off this week on Monday Night
RAW, the same can’t be said
for Adam Cole, who is reportedly
working through an injury
according to the PW Insider.
A report by NXT’s weekly injury
report has said, Cole has been
working with a right arm
fracture since the September
25th edition of NXT against
Matt Riddle, and worked
through the injury both on
RAW and last week’s Smack
Down against Daniel Bryan.
Though this report is often
used by storylines, the Insider
is stating that Cole
is suffering from a legitimate
fractured wrist, and it’s
unclear whether Cole
will need to take time off, or will
continue to work through it.
Given the focus that NXT has
been under recently, with
their move to USA and
their invasions of RAW and
SmackDown, the last thing
the company
needs is for Cole to be forced to
vacate the NXT Championship,
but of course
his safety come before
anything else.
Speaking of injuries, one
woman who knows all
about them is Alexa Bliss,
who is reportedly dealing with
some pain herself.
According to the PW Insider,
Bliss is currently out with a
shoulder injury,
which explains why she hasn’t
been seen on WWE TV in
quite a while.
The last time fans saw the Petite
Powerhouse compete, was when
she and Nikki Cross lost the
WWE Women’s Tag Team
Championships to the Kabuki
Warriors at Hell in a Cell, and
its currently unclear just how
long she’ll be out for.
Bliss is sadly no stranger to
injuries, as her career
nearly came to an end
due to a series of concussions
around this time last year,
before she made
her return as part of the 2019
Women’s Royal Rumble.
One Superstar who isn’t going
anywhere anytime soon how
ever is
Randy Orton, who recently
signed a new contract with
the WWE.
A 13 time WWE World Heavy
weight Champion, most
expected the Viper to re-sign
rather than head to AEW, but
that didn’t stop Orton from
jumping ship a few weeks ago.
On Twitter, the Legend Killer
confirmed his new contract
will last for another
five years, and said he was
looking forward to annoying
the fans with his actions.
As a 17 year veteran of WWE
TV, it’s hard to say whether
Orton will be an active
Superstar for the next five
years, as others from his
class in OVW such as Batista
and John Cena have both
stepped away from the ring.
If the Viper did choose to retire
though, there’d almost
certainly be a position
for him backstage, as given his
success in the company and
his family credentials
Orton could make a valuable
asset as a backstage producer.
We’re looking back at this
week’s RAW now as the
red brand saw a slight
increase in viewers, with 2.135
million homes tuning in.
According to Show buzz Daily,
this figure is an improvement
on last week’s
2.133 million, with the hours
being broken down as follows.
In the first hour, an average
the show garnered an
average 2.35 million
which dropped to 2.27 million in
hour two, and eventually 1.84
million in hour three.
It’ll be interesting to see what
figures the red brand will get
in the
coming weeks, as all three
brands continue to build to
Survivor Series.
We’ve got some AEW news
for you next, as the
company’s executive
Vice President Cody Rhodes
recently spoke about running
the company.
Rhodes, who will face AEW
World Champion Chris
Jericho this Saturday
at Ful Gear, spoke to ESPN
about the success of the
show, and admitted
that he often has to disengage
from being a fan, saying:
” I have to stop being a fan on
a regular basis when it comes
to Dynamite itself
when it comes to TV, I’m honored
everything that happens. I’m
honored that I have
a chair for myself in the go
position, that I have my own
headset, I’m honored that I have
my own office, all these little
things, I have to stop caring
about, and just say, ‘Ok, cool,
that’s great, now let’s validate
why these things exist.’”
It’s no secret that Dynamite has
been a huge success since its
launch in October, consistently
beating WWE NXT, and it seems
Rhodes has big things planned
for the new company in 2020.
And finally today we’re looking
at some rumors for Survivor
Series as the
Wrestling Observer has hinted
at more tri-branded matches
for the show.
On Wrestling Observer Radio,
it was revealed that there
were plans for a
triple threat match between the
secondary champions, pitting
United States Champion
AJ Styles against Inter
continental Champion
Shinsuke Nakamura and
NXT North American Champion
Roderick Strong.
The report did suggest that a
title change for the US or
Intercontinental title
could happen before the Pay
Per View, and also claimed
that Nakamura
isn’t expected to hold the white
strapped title for much longer.
Since capturing the Inter
continental Championship from
Finn Balor, its true that Nakamura
has done little with the gold, and
it seems his reign may soon be
coming to an end.
On the show, it was also claimed
that a one on one match
between Rusev
and Bobby Lashley was planned
for the Pay Per View, which will
be the final collision between
the two after months of feuding.


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