What Really Happened In Meghan Markle and The Queen’s Secret Meeting

What Really Happened In Meghan Markle and The Queen’s Secret Meeting? It is one of the most talked about weddings in recent memory. Prince Harry is on the verge of tying the knot with former Suits actress Meghan Markle. The big question that everyone wants to know though is this: does the Queen approve? What Does The Queen Really Think Of Her? It was recently revealed that Harry’s fiancé had a private meeting with Her Majesty. So what exactly happened during that tense tea party? Did they hit it off? Or was it a recipe for disaster? Not-So-Secret Meeting. The British Royal family has become one of the most talked about real-life family soap operas out there. In the last century alone, the family has had plenty of drama and relationships that have taken many twists and turns. Meghan Markle’s imminent inclusion into the family is another entry in this thrilling story. When she met with the Queen in a secret meeting last year, writer Andrew Morton was in the shadows and detailed the encounter in his book Meghan: A Hollywood Princess. Happily Ever After? Meghan Markle has been dating Prince Harry since late 2016. Yet it was nearly a full year before the couple made their first public appearance together. Members of the public quickly compared the nature of Harry’s relationship to that of his great uncle, Edward, who was abdicated from the throne after marrying his American wife, who was in the middle of her second divorce. However, Harry didn’t face the same constitutional issues that Edward did. Now the couple is engaged and are scheduled to marry on May 19, 2018. Queen Disapproves? It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Queen could have reservations about Harry’s fiancé, Meghan Markle. After overseeing the relationships of many of her Royal relatives, Elizabeth II has seen her fair share of drama and personal issues that could’ve violated the laws of the Crown. There are a number of reasons as to why the Queen could’ve potentially said no to Markle in their private meeting. We are going to break them down, one by one. Meghan’s Divorce. Firstly, it has only been a few years since Meghan Markle finalized her divorce with Trevor Engelson. She met the actor/producer back in 2004 and tied the knot in Ocho Rios, Jamaica on September 10, 2011. However, the marriage didn’t last more than two years. A recent report has suggested that their separation was the result of Markle’s growing addiction to fame. After making a name for herself in the acting world, she sent her wedding ring back to Engelson and ended things with him. American Woman. Another reason that the Queen might be apprehensive about Markle is to do with her identity. Not only is she not British, she’s not even European! Although this isn’t the first time that a member of the Royal family has married an American, this doesn’t seem like something that the Queen would’ve encouraged her grandchildren to do while growing up. Markle hails from Los Angeles and grew up in Hollywood. “My dad is Caucasian, and my mom is African American,” she said. Hollywood Superstar No More. Meghan Markle has walked away from her acting career since getting into a relationship with Prince Harry. However, her imminent arrival into the Royal family may give her more fame than any blockbuster movie. After spending the good part of a decade with minor roles in shows such as CSI: NY, 90210, and Fringe, Markle got her big break starring as Rachel Zane in the hit series Suits. She has also made appearances in movies such as Get Him to the Greek and Horrible Bosses. Public Divided. One thing is for sure, Prince Harry’s engagement to Meghan Markle has torn the public in two. It seems like anyone who cares about the Royal family has one of two opinions on the matter. Some people are against the impending marriage, believing that it is going against the traditions of the British Monarchy. To others, it is considered to be a testament to how the Royal family has become more forward-thinking, modern, and integrated into wider society. Future Sisters-In-Law. One lady who has been in Markle’s shoes in recent times is her future sister-in-law, Kate. She can certainly empathize with Markle’s current situation. Not only has it been reported that Kate is helping Meghan adapt to the Royal life, but it is also believed that the actress has reciprocated the love. She reportedly gave Kate a dream journal at her 35th birthday party. Shortly after getting engaged, Markle spoke about meeting William and Kate and said that the Duchess has “been absolutely amazing.” What Did The Queen Think Of Harry’s Exes? It seems that whoever Harry has brought to meet his grandmother prior to Meghan has simply not gained her approval. However, it is heavily speculated that it has had less to do with them and more to do with Harry. “If he had come to see Grannie a few years earlier, when he had an unenviable reputation as an angry drunk with poor judgment, it would have been doubtful that the Queen would have agreed to him marrying,” Morton wrote. Chelsy Davy Hated The Limelight. To this day, Chelsy Davy is still Prince Harry’s longest relationship. The couple was together, on and off, between 2004 and 2010. However, The Zimbabwean-born Davy eventually packed her bags for good and went back home. The reason for this was that she simply couldn’t handle the intense media pressure. “It was so full-on; crazy and scary and uncomfortable,” she said. “I found it very difficult when it was bad. I couldn’t cope.” Despite this, Davy has since released an ethical beauty range. Nearly Married Cressida Bonas? Harry’s most recent serious relationship before Meghan was with Cressida Bonas. Numerous reports suggested that the couple were on the verge of publicly announcing plans to marry. However, the actress was quick to deny the rumors, claiming them to be simply ‘noise.’ “All that stuff is not real,” she said. “It’s really important to remember that all [of] it is noise, noise that can be very loud at times.” They reportedly parted ways on amicable terms. Popstar Love? Believe it or not, Meghan Markle wasn’t the first high-profile name with whom Prince Harry had reported romantic ties. Not too long before he started dating the former actress, Harry was rumored to be getting close to pop star Ellie Goulding. Some onlookers who spotted them at the Audi Polo Challenge that year claimed to have seen them kissing under a blanket. They have been friends ever since Harry’s involvement at the Invictus Games in 2014. She even sang at the Royal Wedding in 2011. The Others. It seems nearly impossible to keep up with the number of ladies that Prince Harry was romantically involved with before meeting Markle. Some of the others include the likes of actress Jenna Coleman, who Harry is believed to have had a “flirty” night with a couple of years ago. Back in 2003, one of Harry’s rumored first flings was with Natalie Pinkham. Since then, other names that have floated around include Astrid Harbord, Caroline Flack, Florence Brudenell-Bruce, and Mollie King. Queen Likes Kate. One lady who has been successful after meeting the Queen is Prince William’s wife, Kate Middleton. It seemed like love at first sight when the pair met for the first time at a wedding. “I first met [the queen] at Peter Phillips and Autumn [Phillpp]’s wedding… it was in amongst a lot of other guests and she was very friendly,” Kate said. William continued by saying, “She had wanted to meet Kate for a while.” Kate was invited to Windsor Castle the following month, and the rest was history. Diana’s Meetings With The Queen. According to Morton, Princess Diana used her meetings with the Queen for a very specific reason, much to her discomfort. “In times past, Princess Diana…used these informal occasions to tackle the Queen over her eldest son’s affair with Camilla Parker Bowles,” he wrote. “As she sipped her tea, the princess was looking for sympathy – vainly, as it turned out. The topic was much too emotionally unsavory for her regal mother‑in‑law, so the matter was dropped.” It Was Complicated. Diana Spencer had one of the most heavily publicized, toxic relationships with ex-husband Prince Charles. With a 13-year gap in age, it seemed like their marriage was doomed from the very start. However, one person who surprisingly empathized with her was none other than Queen Elizabeth II. When Diana approached the Queen, seeking marriage advice, Elizabeth simply described Charles as “hopeless.” The Queen also reportedly ordered the pair to divorce four years after they had already separated. Queen Eventually Accepted Camilla. Prince Charles and wife Camilla’s relationship hasn’t gone without its fair share of drama. After having a brief romance in the 70s, Charles eventually tied the knot with Diana Spencer. However, amid rumors that Charles had been having an affair with Camilla, his relationship with Diana broke down and the couple divorced. Since then, Charles rekindled his relationship with Camilla. When she met the Queen at Constantine II’s birthday party, it seemed like she finally approved of their relationship. Huge Sacrifices. Queen Elizabeth’s concerns when it comes to her family’s personal lives is completely understandable. Back in 1955, she was forced to put her foot down. Her sister Margaret had been romantically involved with Peter Townsend, who was divorced. The Queen had no choice but to say no to their desires to tie the knot. However, it seems that whoever is wearing the crown is going to continue facing these challenges. So how exactly did Elizabeth react when she found out about Meghan? Queen’s Marriage Was Also Controversial. If there is anyone who understands how it feels to be scrutinized in the buildup to your wedding, it has to be Queen Elizabeth. Her scheduled marriage to Prince Philip didn’t go without its fair share of controversy. This is largely due to the fact that he was foreign-born and had sisters who had married Germans with links to the Nazi regime. This means that if anyone can empathize with Meghan Markle the most, it’s Elizabeth. The Time Had Arrived. There was no denying that Meghan’s meeting with the Queen was fairly tense. After so many previous personal issues between other members of the Royal family, it was unclear how this meeting would play out. Soon enough though, Meghan realized that everything was going to be fine. She saw just how much respect Harry had for his grandmother. “She’s an incredible woman,” Meghan said. However, she still needed the Queen’s blessing. So did she get it? The Queen Said Yes. In the end, the Queen had no negative things to say to Harry and Meghan and gave them her blessing. It turns out that Markle’s previous worries were inconsequential. “Meghan’s divorce was no longer a concern, as it had been for the previous American to marry a Royal, and neither was her biracial heritage,” Morton wrote. Moreover, it turns out that a third party had a huge part to play in the Queen’s final say on this blossoming relationship… Corgis To The Rescue! One detail that Andrew Morton believes could’ve sealed the deal as far as The Queen’s blessing was concerned was the way that her corgis behaved around Meghan. “The final seal of approval came from the queen’s corgis,” Morton wrote. “This normally irascible breed were friendly and welcoming when Meghan entered the Queen’s sitting room.” However, Morton was quick to make it clear that something else was at play that may have influenced the Queen’s decision… The Real Reason. It seems that The Queen approved of Meghan so easily, not because she was on trial, but because Harry was. The Prince had developed a reputation as a bit of a troublemaker over the last few years. His darkest hour came when he dressed up in an offensive costume at a bachelor party. Since then though, Harry has redeemed himself, and the Queen repaid him accordingly. “I’ve spent the last thirty‑three years being barked at; this one walks in, absolutely nothing,” Harry cheekily said after the meeting. Bells Are Ringing! So there you have it. It turns out that it wasn’t Meghan Markle who the Queen had any concerns about – it was actually her own grandson! Now that Prince Harry has proven to her that he has grown up and is ready to be a husband, the Queen can sit back happily and watch the two hold each other’s hands in Royal matrimony. However, we are sure that this won’t be the end of this never-ending family saga.

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