100 Replies to “What will the 2020 political news cycle bring?”

  1. The sad truth is that the mainstream media, which is 85% liberal and a large portion of that, hated trump since his election. All he had been getting is wrongful slander and spun stories to support their own agenda and narrative. I can agree on some criticism that is deserved for loose words, but to run on that to justify that he is evil, low moral, selfish, is just dishonest.

    In all, the citizens whom don’t take in multiple sources of information to self educate. Will be a victim of this agenda that the Left pushes since Trumps election. They will say that the mainstream cable news is 100% non bias, non partisan, truth tellers for the people, yet that’s not all true. The guy on tv will be more careful but if you read the articles published on their sites. It’s mostly Selective and bias.

    Idk, I’m tired of individuals saying that “your argument is invalid just because you researched it from the internet. The cable news is always right. Your sources are wrong and lie to you.” Idk, how do I have a conversation with these types of individuals. I point out my sources but they claim it’s false without looking at it.

    In all, it saddens me.

  2. Unless Trump enact the insurrection act and has the military arrest all democrat politicians, I will not vote for him.

  3. I normally like Laura Ingraham, but this interview was BS. Victor Davis Hansen has far more valuable information to offer than she allowed him to give. I realize there is time constraints and so on, but maybe someone needs to have a word with Fox about that.

  4. She talked tooooo much and barely let him talk. She interrupted him ALLLLLL THE TIME. SOOOOOOO ANNOYING! Don’t let him on if you want to be the only one, who can talk. If you let him on, than do it properly. Such a garbage. I like her. But this one, she really annoyed me.

  5. The 2020 election cycle is going to bring the Dem debates and it will be great reality TV. They will all be bus flinging and liying on each other. The Mation is going to be saying WTH. Ah ha ha ha ha

  6. A bit of financial advice for you. Find the best online gambling site and bet the farm on Trump to win 2020 in a landslide. I used Betfair in 2016 and got a Colorado cabin and a new F350.

  7. The Steele Dossier came from a foreign agent who got his info from Russian intelligence. Not a single Democrat wants Hillary investigated for Russia collusion. Adam Schiff colluded with Russians to get dirt on Trump. Not a single Democrat wants Schiff investigated for Russia collusions. This hypocrisy needs to be pointed out every time Democrats scream about Trump colluding with Russians.

  8. Stephie looked like a child standing at the side of the desk. We have seen Trump entertain children in the Oval office in just this way. I think the no Stephie rule, might work for a normal sized person.

  9. Wow. To have someone like VDH on your show and give him less than 4 mins is appalling.
    I never click on your videos Laura to hear what you have to say. Remember that. Well, I cant say never.

  10. The media claiming that the media is anti-trump then proceeding to praise trump is just to surreal honestly.

  11. Claiming to be for the party that's been touted by its major players to be for free speech and for the market place of new ideas and then without skipping a beat saying that people shouldn't converse with certain people is just surreal honestly.

  12. Trump needs to be our president for the yrs ahead and someone who cares about us,,in the US for yrs to come!!!!

  13. The Mark Levin & Victor Davis Hanson interview awhile back was very interesting. This man is a great American. The long-form interviews with him that are out there are great. Ingraham's constant interruption of her guests drives me crazy though.

  14. There is a big difference between listening as compared to trying to hunt even create opposition research. And certainly a difference between listening as compared to attempts to create a setup to first spy then entrap an opposition party's candid ency. ABC thinks so low of their listener that they assume we don't know the difference. Wow.

  15. Love the work Laura n Hannity put in but ffs rather dont invite guests if you pressed for time… constantly talking over the guest.

  16. Gridlock in Congress is caused by the idiot mid term voters . To make our government work we must have term limits. The gravy train has to be derailed.

  17. Why does the president even talk to this guy . He will always ask questions to set up the president. That short bastered is so disrespectful. Trump should know better . Trump read this post!

  18. So at the same time they will move to remove Schiff, As he is definitely on tape listening before reporting to the FBI not just saying so.

  19. George's question was plain dumb and an attempt to start unnecessary propaganda around the Mueller report, but president Trump answered the way any political candidate would in private. Trump is just being honest.

  20. Victor is one of the few remaining original things from California that is still as great as California used to be. FOX is beyond fortunate that Mr. Hanson is as polite as he is, and is more than worthy of enough time to express himself without being interrupted and spoken over. It's happening on most of the FOX presentations now… please stop.

  21. Interesting optics will little George standing over the President.
    We know the Democrats have been pay-for-playing with America's enemies.
    Have those same enemies been talking to Trump about those Democrats?
    Trump negotiating with Mexico — cartel turn on Pelosi and Dems?

  22. I agree with the other comments, Laura needs to restrain her ego, ask questions of her expert guests and never interrupt to insert her own opinions.

  23. President Trump set them up again! MSM will talk about accepting information from a foreign country for weeks. They’ll pound us over the head with it. Then, Horowitz will release his report. Then, more investigations, more reports, showing that’s exactly what the FBI and the Democrats did. It’s a setup. A beautiful, genius setup.

  24. HOW DO YOU DO LESS THAN 4 MINUTES OF VDH??? That's like watching porn and then cutting the vid off before the MONEY SHOT!! VDH is an OASIS of objectivity in this decrepit information economy!

  25. That George is an enemy of Christians and conservatives!!He certainly shouldnt be interviewing our president!He doesnt deserve too!He is in with Hillory and the deep state!!God bless our Great president!!

  26. Our POTUS trolling all libturds as always-fake news going crazy. They just forget 2 years before they has paid to Steele-MI6 agent to fake dirty dossier and etc. Now libturds mad about how POTUS dare to accept dirty info about opponent

  27. Trump Trolled the "progressive" Dems and their MSM lackeys. He has them all on record now that even LISTENING is treason, so when the indictments come down on the Obama corruption over the Steele dossier, they are screwed. President Trump played them.

  28. Funny he should mention the deficit. Nobody else does. Many just think it's nothing more than a "debit ledger in the Federal Reserves Books" quoting Ben Bernanke. Both parties are for big government spending, it usually is just a fight over a small % going to either social programs, military, or a wall. Economist are divided on how mush debt is too much, America is performing a real time test to to find out.

  29. Hanson is pontificating about 2020 but he was blind to Trump in 2016. He’s an Establishment “R.” Not a patriot.

  30. George Steponallofus is going to be on the wrong side of history. Definitely the enemy lurching over Trump is symbolic of Steponallofus putting his thumb on Trump.

  31. I see nothing wrong with Trumps rational. It's not like he paid someone from a foreign country to write up a fake docier, trashing his political opponents. Now, that would be criminal. Has there ever been an incident like that? Hmmm…. Let us all think back carefully.

  32. Fox is Conservative Inc.-
    100 years of do nothing commentary.
    V.D.H on the other hand, is an American you should follow and listen to.

  33. Yes, I agree absolutely. Fox's blunder, do not repeat again.
    Victor is most valuable person
    and his every word counts.

  34. they act like they have trump corned with this. but he qualifies everything with "i think". he says "norway" not russia or china. they got nothing!

  35. And people wonder why You Tube journalists have boomed. I'm sticking to Pool, Ruben, Rogan etc where guests get over an hour to discuss issues.

  36. I don't watch Ingraham or Hannity for this very reason. Great guests who are not allowed to speak. I do watch Mark Levin who asks a question then lets them answer. And Greg Gutfeld who has a great comic show..,esp Cat and Tyrus. Tyrus might be the smartest person on all of Fox

  37. I laud you for turning to professor Hanson for his insightful intuitively spot on vision of today's political environment but it is irksome that time constraints of production limit his input. Thank you however for bringing his vision to the fore of national attention. I have been following his work and opinions for years. Thank you. Great Show.

  38. Ingraham has the most annoying screetchy voice on TV, not helped by having her mike turned up to 2 x louder than her guest

  39. TRUMP TALKS ECONOMY every time what the hell is every one that talks say he needs to talk about it are these people nuts

  40. Ingraham's interview with herself went pretty well. Who is this Victor Davis Hanson, anyway? Just a prop, I guess.

  41. Laura, I like your program but would prefer that you give Mr Hanson more time to respond. I consider Mr Hanson to be well informed and worth listening to. You were asking him questions and then answering them yourself. That was rude!

  42. Best Hanson interviews are those that let him go. So many talk/radio hosts just cut him off with their comments. Missing a lot of good info just back away and let him converse.

  43. Fox news is really messing up with not giving this guy enough air time, h'es like the embodiment of intellectual conservatism

  44. a fabulous historian that knows so much about right wing war nazis. takes one to know one. stick to history….your politics suck!

  45. …To work at Fox you have to know how to TALK OVER GUESTS !…AND, Trump with Stupidnapolis is a real boner …

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