28 Replies to “What’s Behind Victoria’s Secret’s Sinking Sales? | Sunday TODAY”

  1. They lived in a fantasy for way too long! Women are not fantasy we’re fantastic! These anorexic models do not represent the real women. Wake up ladies! Dress for yourselves, if your men need you to wear nothing but an overpriced g string and needs you to be skin and bones RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! He got trapped in that fantasy VS is selling! Run fast!

  2. A few whiny fat sows ruin it for girls and guys who like this style.
    How about stfu and mind your own fat, efing business.

  3. This will die away along the Miss America pagaent…disaster. t
    The SJW, rabid feminists and their pets cannot tolerate anything remotely normal…
    Body positive disciples will demand equal representation…right up until the company goes out of business.
    When the liberals show up…the 'going out of business' signs soon follow. SPREAD THE MISERY!

  4. I want MY look. Not yours. Give me styles for my comfort and high quality and I might set foot in one of your stores to see if you have anything that's right for me…..if you can survive in business thst long. Victoria's Secret is soooo last century!

  5. Girls are waking up and don't want to engage in brands that spread body dissatisfaction. Sure, show beautiful women in lingerie, but forcing 6 foot skinny models in everyones face is just kind of dated

  6. First off, get rid of angel wings on naked b's. Second, working women don't want to spend a ton on lingerie just for men. They aren't worth it.

  7. Quality of VS bras has declined drastically over the past 4 years of me shopping there. My bras from 4 years ago look brand new, and the newest bra has lace already tearing.
    underwear used to be high end but now material is cheaper but price is more
    VS semi annual used to have great deals but now you can get the items cheaper off season. I get all my panties there for 5$ flash sales, but they actually cost more during SAS as 6.99

    those with the VS angel card have been getting their credit limit decreased for no reason and others removed from the angel rewards program without warning <- many people have decided to stop shopping at VS because of it.

    VS angels are no longer curvy but skeleton skinny. Truth is no one is asking for plus size girls on the stage – but rather girls with a waist of 26' and bigger boobs and etc.
    what they have are girls with 32B and 24 inch waists that have like 12% body fat

    I buy the bras but i miss the old VS styles from 5 years ago with the soft lace and etc. now it's mostly trendy looks.
    they got rid of my favorite pj set.

    I love VS, but I think they have headed in the wrong direction. It's not a plus size store, it's a store for normal women, and they don't have the "fantasy" looks anymore but trendy bras instead of classy pieces.

    during the SAS I always look for the old styles to buy

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