Wheeler: Fox News Lured Him Into Plot To Help Trump’s White House | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

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  1. One thing the main stream media does not report is (THE TRUTH ). If you all would do some research into the 2 news anchors who were fired by a big news company for refusing to report news on monsato that was everything but the truth. items being consumed were causing cancer in humans. they had their bosses recorded and went to court on a wrongful dismissal case and the judge ruled the news casts border on the line of entertainment and do not have to be any sort of TRUE in nature. So if it remotely smells like BS on CNN FOX MSNBC or any of the others it is total BS. use your own common senses even though it doesn't exist much in these days. U R all mind controlled

  2. The last 5 minutes of every fox "news" program should be dedicated to retracting all the lies they said the day before

  3. And we all know….The white house(sanders), the president, and especially FOX would NEVER LIE….ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,

  4. It should be absolutely illegal to get away with calling an entertainment propaganda channel a NEWS channel. It is NOT legally a news station, and not held to any news standards. The FCC says FOX is NOT registered as NEWS channel.

  5. When can we junk the clown car? Leave it to the GOP to embarrass us all over the world. Obama was never sued, never investigated but always lied about and blocked. He came through anyway. Trump admin looks like the Nuremburg trials. I'll laugh when I'm done puking faux news. Hashtag: TRAITORS!

  6. Would you call this Collusion? Jason Seher | CNN Writer/Producer | The Lead with Jake Tapper asking for Questions for Debate

  7. DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz having an off record meeting in MSNBC President Phil Griffin's office.

  8. DNC members going to complain to Morning Joe producers about his mentioning of a "rigged system." WikiLeaks

  9. Politico writer sending his stories to the DNC before he sends them to his editor. WikiLeaks

  10. DNC requesting a pull an MSNBC commentary segment. WikiLeaks

  11. Do not feel sorry for him….he went on FOX news with enthusiasm to push a narrative. He is intelligent enough to know what FOX is about, especially Hannity. So the complaining now is too late he got what he deserved.

  12. + Oba*** Man. WHAT? No mention of the OTHER news media?
    Remember the other News outlets?
    They kept saying to the very last that TRUMP was not gonna be elected. The "FIX" was neutralized. Projections came to naught!
    Um, guy, 'fess up. How much are you being paid to troll?

  13. I used to love Fox but many of them began being very scandalous like O'Reilly and a few others, some are distancing themselves. I still follow all sides but I can't listen to it if they deny what's happening.

  14. Fox Tabloid News . More people need to call Fox out. The Clintons should sue them , they aren`t public property now. Hannity has accused them of murder . People believe Fox cause no one sues them or stops them so it must be true . It`s the Cronkite Syndrome . People must stand up to lies now .

  15. This country exercise freedom of speech right?Trump suing Fox of libel?WHY? Mr. Trump even requested to a New York judge to block certain people from tweeter. The judge says it is against first amendment.Furthermore the judge says why can't he just ignore the comments of other people.This is the only president that communicates through tweeter.Besides being a president, you are supposed to be busy for the good of your country. REALLY YOU HAVE SO MUCH TIME TO TWEET. UNBELIEVABLE!

  16. FOX lies All the time!!! I wonder why…. That's what they get paid to do, The Pay is real good.

  17. America is going to regret the day Donald Trump took the Oath of Office. History will show him as infamous as the most lethal figures in world history and responsible for the fall of the United States of America. I believe that with all my heart.

  18. No wonder Fox chose Rod Wheeler. He’s just not the sharpest tool in the shed. Blaming DNC for ‘butting in to Police work’? You ARENT Police Rod Wheeler. Your a private Eye Ex Homicide Investigator. Until the Actual Washington DC Police say DNC were interfering in an Investigation- and to date they haven’t/ the only people interfering are Fox News, Repubs, Trump& YOU.

  19. Rod Wheeler not looking so good, Lawyers dump him! https://www.thedailybeast.com/lawyers-want-to-drop-rod-wheeler-private-eye-who-says-fox-news-faked-his-conspiratorial-quotes-about-seth-rich?ref=home

  20. Fox news is allegedly being fed deals from some one or somewhere…buzz words in abundance…the revolution is being televised on YouTube

  21. These people are sick. Spin is their game, research wheeler—- recordings of this man. He was paid off!!! Biggest coverup of our modern times.

  22. It is not just a fluke that fox hires a black man to use as a plot to try to prove trump, a known racist, innocent of collusion with Russia. Wheeler obviously got played. And I guarantee he did not get hired just because he was a good investigator. Open your eyes…

  23. 2+ years of FOX screaming "FAKE NEWS!!" on behalf of Trump is enough to the widen the division between Trumpist Republicans, (the 38% of the population that obviously lost their marbles) Traditional Republicans and the Democratic Party. The longer Trump is in office, the more irreparable damage he does to the country. He's broken his Presidential Oath of Office multiple times by attacking the Free Press by calling them "fake news" or in ongoing investigations "Witch Hunts" or "hoaxs" (which calls into question of what the Rule of Law represents and wether or not that certain actions like indicting a sitting Presidents) and refusing to take retaliatory actions to the Saudis for the brutal murder and obvious cover-up of said murder of a columnist for "The Washington Post", breaking both the Foreign AND Domestic Emoluments Clauses that FOX "news" pundits kept going on about how Clinton was breaking it but never mentioned that the entire Trump Family (with the exception of little Barron) was doing the EXACT SAME THING and not divesting his financial interests and putting it into a Blind Trust. The release of his tax returns will also show proof if he is as successful as he claims to be.

  24. holy crap!! He gives what he found out about the case to the DC police and Donna Brazil calls seth Rich's parents wanting to know why Rod is snooping around!!! Obviously the DC police answer to the DNC. The single most important comment I have heard about this murder is rod wheeler asking "if this is just a street murder why is Donna Brazil involved?" Why indeed.
    Perhaps the special prosecutor will finally investigate the Seth Rich murder. Like how does a gunshot victim arrive at the hospital alive, has surgery where they find no vita organs were hit and he's epected to recovr, but the next morning he is dead. Who was in his room that early morning before he is found dead? The poor kid was murdered twice. I wonder if the doctor who released the story is still alive.

  25. Rod Wheeler says he was lured into investigating Seth Rich’s murder but alleges there was an ulterior motive which was to debunk the claim that Russia hacked the DNC. One problem there Rod, you were hired by Seth Rich’s parents, Ed Butowski simply paid for your work. So, was Seth Rich’s parents part of the conspiracy to “lure” you? If so, why haven’t you mentioned them?

  26. Look the company not the FBI said Russia hacked there server. Why didn't the FBI examine the server. Think for yourself.

  27. Stupid. Finding the murder of Seth Rich brings you to the FBI… the police never investigated Seths dearh. That’s why his parrents wanted to hire an investigator. Why would you bring evidence to the police, if the police was covering up the whole story as well? He couldn’t go to the police, he couldn’t go to the FBI. Comey knew, Steel knew… the only one who he could go to, was the president? Ofcourse Butowski brought him to the whitehouse! What a d.mp.ss is that Wheeler, stopping his investigation. It probably went over his head… got scared

  28. Wheeler only turned up suspicious circumstances and indicated Rich may have been in touch with Wikileaks. He didn't say he knew that for a fact.

  29. Now 2 years later- Trump administration has nothing to do with this. Seth Rich’s murder still unsolved. And this guy is looking for a pay day. With debunking of the Mueller Report- Russian collusion has been debunked- the CIA and FBI have been responsible for the entire setup. KILLARY and the DNC ordered the hit- truth will come out.


  31. This is why they are butting in because they have something to do with this guy getting killed trump knows everything that goes on before it happens.this Mob killing by the Whitehouse.

  32. This man Wheeler is as accomplished as a liar as Trump. We see a video of him saying these things but he insists that he didn't say them, in other words he is telling us to not believe our lying ears and eyes.

  33. She always had her head down. She never was the right choice for this position. She has no people skills but behind the doors cubicle lol 😂


  35. WOW!!! Talk about "FAKE NEWS". Now we know the source of it. It's been the LYIN' KING all along, (as if we didn't know). I'd bet that if you look into the finances of Fox Snooze, you'll find that diaper donnie is connected somehow.

  36. Fox News is a mouth piece for the Republican Party. Lies, untrue statements, and made up facts. I feel sorry for the people who believes their crap. Don't believe everything you hear.

  37. If Wheeler really wanted to know why Donna Brazile was involved with Seth's family he could have read her book. That's one pretty obvious source of information for any competent "investigator" to use, so why didn't he?

    Is it not clear that Seth's murder was used by FOX, by Trump, by a whole bunch of deplorables to gin up a really hurtful narrative in order to help Trump sell a false image of himself? Putin's puppets meet useful fools.

  38. I hope Rod Wheeler has an attorney, and body guard…the Republicans will commit the crime, then blame him for if…and might stoop as low to murder him, because of his truth.

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