White House Making A ‘Full Court Press To Discredit’ John Bolton | MSNBC

100 Replies to “White House Making A ‘Full Court Press To Discredit’ John Bolton | MSNBC”

  1. There really is too much evidence for that to work. Now it is just down to the fact that the GOP will betray the constitution and acquit. GOP, Traitors to the USA.

  2. Trump is probably breaking out periodically in cold, clammy sweats over this. He has to know that the game's up. GOOD. Now let's get rid of these parasites in the GOP and get on with real life.

  3. They should just call Bolton into the House to testify under oath now that he says he is willing to do so.

  4. John Bolton? I never met the guy. Wait. What? Oh. THAT John Bolton. Oh, he's just a never Trumper trying to sell a book.

  5. Listening to the trial , the Trump side is trying to convict Biden Jr. of ??? What about TRUMP ???? when Trump is convicted he'll claim incompetent attorneys . Trump's on trial not Biden Jr. .

  6. I love how everyone related to Trump is now a criminal or discredited, but they want us to believe Trump is some kinda hero/ innocent xD GTFOH

  7. Bolton, give all the proceeds of the book towards helping to restore the Republican Party that Trump has perverted and destroyed. That is all I ask of you as a conservative. We have your back. No go in there and get Trump out!

  8. I didn't pay Stormy I don't know Lev I don't know you'll have to ask Rudy.. Yet with all his BS reveals there are still republicans carrying his water… What a bunch of snowflakes.. They will all pay a price for their BS con-artistry.. Trump will be thrown out of office and so will most of them.. You can get away with a lie here and there But over 400 of them and using American soldiers and their lives.. Nope this POS and all his supporters need to be taught a lesson.. and reminded they are not patriots they are traitors !

  9. The Bidens made $1 million in dirty money payoffs in Ukraine per year . Hunter supposedly worked for Burisma for 5 years. That's $5 million altogether.

  10. If Moscow Mitch would look under all the bills sitting on his desk. He may would see the copy of Bolton's manuscript given to the white house.

  11. https://www.dailywire.com/news/read-mark-levin-issues-twitter-barrage-stomping-on-ny-times-bolton-and-gop-senators-thinking-of-joining-dems-to-call-more-witnesses Real news from Mark Levin that the liberal press doesn’t want you to hear.

  12. This is all a set up and we're the pawns, c'mon trump had had this "manuscript" for months, we're getting played so they can let Trump go and get re elected… It's the Americans that are the chumps.. we're being played…

  13. Another disgruntled employee , a book sale, a leak , good combination for another bombshell lolllllll😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  14. Now they all want to hear from Bolton, we're getting so played right now, by Republicans, so they can look like they're being fair and still aquitting trump…

  15. Trump is the only one I feel is COMPLETELY DISCREDITED !! I wouldnt bet if he tries to distance himself from all of this book business… He has never had my support anyway. So nothing new here lbs

  16. Yap yap yap yap…. This is all just NOISE.
    Everyone knows Trumo, Rudy, Barr, etc are guilty as sin, and everyone know that the republican Senators are going to vote to let them off the hook. Moscow Mitch needs to be publicly shamed, 24 / 7. And if by some miracle the Democrats manage to get back into power, despite Massive Russian interference and massive election fraud in all the Republican-controlled states, the McConnell, Barr, graham, Giuliani, etc all NEED TO GO TO PRISON. For a long, long time.

  17. Just so Republicans watching understand even if they dont get enough votes to remove Trump. He will still be impeached just like Clinton did not get enough votes to be removed history still has him at the second impeached president

  18. Everyone who testifies is lying and everyone they WON'T allow to testify is telling the truth?
    That's what we're supposed to believe?

  19. Republiklans defense… Every one testifying is lying. Agolf Twittler never lies. 2020 elections can't come soon enough for these traitors.

  20. You guys are so blindly brainwashed by the “Elite Entertainment-manipulation” media but yet the only knowledge and expertise on most of these geopolitical matters and their precedences through history that you guys seem to have are simply parroted from puppet-political news hacks and pundits who may easily be equally brainwashed themselves. No kind of logically deductive historical and factual discernment.

    Propaganda transceivers are on point, though. Act like adults when you debate and think for yourself and articulate just as responsibly for peace-and-progress’-sake. Act like you can actually debate someone else who doesn’t share your perspectives up front to the point of respectfully and reasonably disagreeing if you can’t trap them in an concession of logical acknowledgement. Words and thoughts are tricky ‘spells’. What an effort of pure responsibility…

  21. Awesome Turn out of Facts of No Quid Pro Quo and without that one cannot obstruct whats not there!!! Looks Like Once Again and Still Trump 2020!!!

  22. The WH had the manuscript for a whole month. Now we know why they were trying to rush through this farce of a "trial". Not going to work. We demand witnesses and documents!

  23. Gophers got nothing to hide, YET terrified by the truth!
    Republicans are the MAFIASO!
    Strike them all down America.
    BERNIE 2020

  24. John Bolton could be the first to come out if it out there will come in to the public knowledge and will cause some Senators lose their office.

  25. trump s a lying scum lowlife. When is he going to stop denying every dirty drug deal he does. The republicans are helping him in all his corrupt dealings

  26. Does he ever hold his arms so firm crossed or is he intimidated b Bolton! The shake was held close and short! The Beatles Song: Don't Want Hold That Hand! Here comes Hand Grand Aid Ruddddeee! Not a Mouse!

  27. Go to FOX and tell them to stop the hateful adjectives and Jr High dramatics. Call the witnesses. Ask FOX why they are destroying America

  28. More hear say…The new book that will be in the Fantasy/Fiction section anyway. How is this news? They really want him out and throw everything at Trump Daily! Wow!
    Can the dems and left media stop calling this bombshell like the Stormy Danielle's one too?

  29. Lie, deny, smear. Lie deny smear. Lie deny smear… And threaten, threaten a lot. That's impeached immoral trump, the gop and the far right media's strategy! But it's going to blow up in their face. More and more evidence of impeached trump's corruption and crimes is coming out everyday. In march Bolton's book is out…
    All this administration's lies and crimes will be exposed eventually. Big storm is coming for them ⚖️⚖️⚖️🇺🇸

  30. Of course they will discredit him, Trump is the only truthful human on earth. Every person that he has touched is messed up, I guess Tillerson and the AG before Barr were the ones that got away and they should be thankful. This man is evil personified.

  31. Repent all who want the wicked man in office!! He can be your personal warlock but not in the justice department. . Where the Lord' rule the world. Satan your time is up
    The bullies will be sorry that they were even born. The wicked play house is coming down. You can hide under ground go to the moon. But the Lord knows everything and where you're be hiding!!! So, who side you going to be on??? There be no more sorrow hurt, pain even death. By the holy blood of Jesus Satan and his evil flocks are already defeated !!!!!

  32. Best case scenario for Trump at this point is probably censure. The majority wants the business criminal rode out on a rail. The people always get at least a pound of flesh, and the least is what they'll get from Senate Republicans. I'm just looking forward to Trump firing his entire defense team and eating their children for failing to accomplish the impossible task of exonerating a goblin. I'm sure they'll land on their feet though; the House Judiciary Committee still has over 15,000 lies through which to comb, and there's no one more common in Trump's orbit than someone forsaken looking to settle the score.

  33. Trump has brought a knife to a gunfight. The captain of his defence team is a lawyer. But this process is at heart political.

  34. It's so unfair that the outcome for Trump before the trial began, is to acquit and keep him in office. Once they announce this, Trump's behavior is going to get worse.

  35. They turn on "the best people" unbelievably quickly. I said long ago that trump will eventually say he didn't know his own children! And nobody will be surprised.

  36. Never thought I would say this or even thought it was possible, there is more evidence in this case, than in the OJ Simpson case! But at least OJ said, "If I did it"

  37. So is trump saying he doesn't know what is happening in the WH , when the manuscript has been in the white house since December, leaks are coming from the WH about what's in Bolton book, because if it's not coming from Bolton and the WH has a copy there's only one other conclusion

  38. Te same excuses get recycled over and over.
    Never happened turns into it did but its not wrong if Trump does it.
    Never knew them, never spoke to them, turns into they were liberanever Trumpers.
    Any truth that isn't liked turns into fake news.
    Its all the fault of Obama, Hillary, Soros, socialists, or any random Democrat currently in the news.


  40. So you could say hes going to "pay a price" for going against Donald Trump even if Donald Trump is guilty? Sounds like he might be "going through some things" for a while.

  41. Can't help but get a really strong sense of 'the boy who cried wolf' with trump and his whining about how innocent he is.
    Y'know if you wanted to have any credibility maybe you shouldn't have lied like 20,000 times on record

  42. Gee, no one knows what the Bolton's revealing what he knows, but so what??? The reality is dump is going to get away with the crimes he committed. And the worse thing is, Obama did some worse crimes

  43. Bolton is just as corrupt as the current Dotard and his minions. He's doing all this for publicity to get idiots to run out and buy his book and it will be limited to what he can and will say. He had opportunity to speak in the House and refused. Boycott his book

  44. #LockTrumpUp

  45. The DEMOCRATS and left wing news have already discredited Bolton, and have been doing so for at least 15 years…until last month..

  46. So basically this would be like Kato writing a book about him watching OJ commit double homicide and OJ's defense team blocking his testimony. Good thing Alan Dershowitz only defends the good guys!

  47. Anyone else get the feeling that dotard is trying to get himself fired however exposed the GOP for the spinless beings they truly are?

  48. Bolton is the biggest Neo-con out there. Lol Republicans have a problem out there, I don't think this is the end. More surprises around the corner.

  49. Picking warmonger Bolton as an advisor was a big mistake by Trump. Luckily, Bolton was dumped before he could muster sufficient support in the Pentagon and Congress to go to war with Iran. The guy is a shill for the military-industrial complex and war means money in his pocket. So does writing a "tell all" book. Naturally, he will lie if it means more book sales.

  50. Sounds about right doesn't it. In a court of law the Jury always agrees with the defendant before they see evidence and listen to the witnesses. When the defendant says he's innocent that's it the Jury's job is over..

  51. trump and his republican politicians are also trying to discredit people who are telling the truth on trump. So sad

  52. wow, all the talk is about how the Republicans will sidestep this issue or that issue and continue to deny trump did anything wrong even though the evidence is public, trump and mulvaney admitted it publicly, and guiliani has babbled about it constantly. What is wrong with America?

  53. Same old sad story from the white house. Trying to discredit someone because they knew all about there wrong doing

  54. You people are clowns and cry babies. Oh another bomb shell. Really ? How many is this? 500 or so. You idiots need to get over the fact Hillary lost. The country is doing great financially under Trump. People are working and making more money than before. Go out on a week end and enjoy this great economy and most of all stop whining. Save our country from these power hungry loser demo-rats. Vote republican. Trump 2020.

  55. John Bolton' testimony will blow in the faces of all these liberal idiots. Now this publicity is good for Bolton he is selling lot of books.

  56. Boltons manuscript is just a side addition to the whole saga. Everyone involved in Trumps defence of the Ukraine issues knew exactly what was going on that Trump did wrong. This is not new to those at the WH or Trump. They also knew Bolton was coming for his pound of flesh. So they were prepared for this cover up also. What is going to be interesting is, if there other impeachment issues in Boltons book. Now that's food for though.

  57. The original concept of the Constitution was to protect us from tyranny and a King. From someone who thought they alone held all the power. Trump's legal defense either doesn't understand the Constitution or they disrespect it. Will the Senate follow suit or want to hear the truth? How many traitors are there?

  58. Bolton would lie …and has stated so https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sd3b2tALnrA&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR0Ls24SDZQBiuJ-ytQR4w8-Ivt4cPPSQK5lb5jQ_nlE-Krtx67544ueKAM

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