100 Replies to “Why are House Democrats giving up on John Bolton so easily?”

  1. If Democ-rats think they can impeach a President, a separate branch of government that has an Executive Privilege based on obstruction of justice, they've got another thing coming—they will be personally SUED in courts one by one for years—they will regret that for the rest of their lives.

  2. Biden is on tape threatening the Ukraine. President Trump makes a phone call and the sick Democrats want to impeach. Let Nancy go home to her own district and Clean up California !!!!! What have these do nothing Democrats done in all these years except try to bury the President!!!! We are coming, the silent majority, by the millions to put these Insane Democrats away for a long time!!!!!

  3. Trump in his latest chopper talk sounded like my grandfather when I told him it was time to give up the car keys. Loony toons.

  4. The democrats know that Americans have the attention spam of a gnat and will soon forget the absurdity of this and all their other attacks on President Trump, but the damage will be done to the majority of the ignorant left and that is all they care about, causing division and continue the anti American agenda.

  5. Trump threw one too many off the crazy train. Bolton is going to greet him at the next whistle stop with hand grenades and drug evidence.

  6. The lies and cover up are transparently manifest and emanating from the democrat side only. This will all be put before the public when the various and sundry I.G. types render their reports; a combined sockdologer that will completely blow any chance that a democrat will be sitting in the White House in 2020. Amen to that! The Republic saved, at least for now.

  7. You don't need Bolton to show what bad behavior trump has been up to, but Bolton will tell his story and it won't be pretty. Trump will suffer badly. Sad

  8. If anyone else doesn't comply with Congressional subpoena, the House Democrats might find it hard to find legal ground to compel them now that they've set a legal precedent for these impeachment proceedings.

  9. If President can not do what he thinks is right for the country, then why we need the president.🙄
    Majority American people have chosen him to lead us , so leave him alone to do his job .‼️

  10. Democrats ALL INNUENDO , NO FACTS. I dont even follow this closely as we all know the result ahead. TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸💪

  11. The Demon Party is causing people to distrust the Gov. more every day. All they are doing is damaging t America and her citizenry. They need to STOP!

  12. John bolton is dying to be the javelin missile to Trump's leaking rowboat. He just needs the cover of a subpoena so his book sales aren't endangered as much.

  13. The conversation will dramatically change once these coup investigators file their reports and please believe me they are going to be hard hitting. The impeachment will immediately go to the back pages of the major newspapers I assure you. I mean who wants to hear about what at best is a dubious impeachment effort when there is a bloated dragnet of traitors being brought to book?? A story far more interesting and bound to sell more newspapers and t.v. advertising time. The difference between ground chuck and filet mignon. When the traitors are tried and convicted as they most assuredly will be, we can wash down the mignon with a toast of champagne. Selah.

  14. Clutching at straws and double talk! Pathetic!
    He did it, it is tampering with the Democratic process, it is cheating, it is a serious crime against America. So cut the crap.

  15. In a Senate Trial – Schiff would have to testify, Whistlblower EC would have to testify, maybe even Bidens would have to testify.

  16. I really really want to see trump's tax returns. If he were a transparent and/or successful businessman, releasing them wouldn't be an issue.

  17. Fox News why won’t you report this News we know who the Whistle blower is Eric Caraimella. His attorney Mark Zaid is Epstein attorney. All have connections to Shiff. All of this is connected. We the people know. We have to do our on reporting because you nor MSM won’t report it. Do your job. I have never in my years seen news media afraid to report something so important. Do your job

  18. "According to testimony made public on Friday, the push, spearheaded in large part by Rudolph W. Giuliani, the president’s personal lawyer, pitted Mr. Bolton, who sought repeatedly to resist it, against Mick Mulvaney, the acting chief of staff who senior officials said may have played a central role in carrying it out."

  19. You people are so far off, yes Bolton has a lot of information that hasn't come out …. CORRUPTION in Ukraine by the democrats BY NAME, AND ACTIONS, AND LEDGER entries so WE TOO can play the Speculation game ….Lastly ON THE CALL are the policy makers; LISTENING TO THE CALL ARE NOT POLICY MAKERS they DO NOT have THE BIG PICTURE, NOR ARE THEY EVER BRIEFED on Strategic Foreign Policy Matters FWIH

  20. Fox "News" leaves out the story about Trump's piggy bank foundation what the mushroom knuckle draggers don't know won't hurt them!…………..News my bum!

  21. I've got to ask, because I haven't seen anyone else bring it up: Will all the major networks give as much media and public exposure to Republicans or Independents at their debates in 4 years when President Trump is finishing his 2nd term? Or is it only Democrats that get all that free publicity and opportunity to be heard? Because here I'm thinking the major networks should be hit with anti-trust laws considering their uniform and collaborative price fixing, programming, and bias. They're not competing against one another (let alone for truth or trust) so this isn't about the 1st Ammendment.

  22. I saw a 12 yearold wearing a Trump hat and i just had to ask him why he was wearing it, the little boy said "Cause daddy says Nancy Pelosi lies alot". Lol.Out of the mouth's of babes comes the darndest things. 😂😂

  23. Bunch of idiot politicians…If you did something wrong your going to JAIL.
    We need to discuss where do we house these traders

  24. Why did trump just deny he knows Gordon Sondland?🤔

    Dems just ain’t gonna wait on Bolton, they have a made case without him. They definitely aren’t scared lol Just saying


  26. I know but when the judge dismisses it the Demacrat are worrying about all the rest of subpoena because they will be lose

  27. These leftist zombies will absolutely turn their anger on the democrats when Trump gets re-elected! They created these monsters and the monster ALWAYS turns on its creator.

  28. Bolton probably knows more about the Biden's dealings with the former Ukraine leadership that they REALLY don't want out in the public..

  29. I reckon they're waiting for the open hearings and then they'll subpoena him. How much better to wait until it's televised. Far more explosive and therefore more likely to get the public's attention.

  30. That walrus-like, silver tuft of muppet fur on his upper lip is CLEARly an after-market accessory.
    …a Bolt-On moustache, if you will.

  31. This are the most stupid arguments I‘ve ever seen. If Bolton had arguments which could help the President, why not testifying voluntarily?

  32. My guess is that Bolton's conversations with Trump will be so one sided and pro war that it would probably make Trump look good for resisting Bolton's advice.

  33. Let’s ask a man who was fired about conversations with the man who fired him! No bias there! 😂 When will people be held accountable for this coup?! Our federal government is a joke!! 😂

  34. Doooah, because they don’t want to waste time in court or anywhere else getting the information they already have. Just impeach Trump and remove him from the White House!!!

  35. It amazed me how blatantly disrespectful to the intelligence of the American people this all nonsense going still the establishment became untouchable this country is in trouble I sorry to say that

  36. Martha is a Democratic shill, she’s anti trump and loves the left. Watch her bias show threw now more then ever since fox started leaning left ie: Paul Ryan works there, Donna Brazil, shep smith gone now but way more liberal fk heads working at Fox now

  37. Didn't Obama invoke privilege with his conversations with Eric Holder?
    Wasn't that just fine with the Democrat party?
    What a bunch of hypocrites.

  38. Dems Officials of the left are digging their own hole deeper and deeper helped by the media.
    Meanwhile Trump continues making America great.

    🇺🇸❤️KAG TRUMP 2020❤️🇺🇸

  39. Why don't you let us hear Bolton say it.. Or you stop gossiping. There's nothing to testify about. BECAUSE WE READ THE TRANSCRIPT. … IT'S ANOTHER DEMOCRAT HOAX. YALL NEED TO STOP TALKING BECAUSE EVERYBODY'S FULL OF SH*T. YOU'RE NOT REPORTING THE NEWS.

  40. Shiff and cult can assume whatever the asses want to assume. The Senate isn't going to listen to assumptions for 5 seconds, only facts.

  41. The Dems might as well pack it in. They will not succeed with impeachment, they will lose the election and they will lose control of the House. They are DONE. We will have a Republican President, House and Senate for a good decade after 2020 becaue the STENCH of what they have done will take that long to ubside … never mind their base-destroying conversion to SOCIALISM.

  42. This impeachment is simply for Dems to give themselves a platform to mud sling Trump without any retort in hopes of derailing his landslide 2020 re-election. The American people are growing weary of waiting for the Deep State to be taken down so we can move on with our lives knowing our Republic is safe. So far, not one of them has paid penance for the crimes and corruption the have perpetrated on America and the world.

  43. There is something Bolton knows that will sink the DemonRats if he testifies to it. You can easily read this in their actions.

  44. What is Bolton's angle? What is the deal he is looking for? Probably protection from Trump's vengeance if he testifies.

  45. Dems are far out the plank realize the water is too shallow turn around and see a grizzly bear 🐻 staring them down. Time up!

  46. I knew this BIGOTUDO, was a swam creature who liked to be on FOX pretending to be in accordance with the President’s agenda, By the way, hIs extremely-ugly BIGOTE, makes me throw up.

  47. Witnesses, ha. They have opinions about how the call made them feel. The transcript is a FACT. You’re feelings don’t become facts and you’re opinions don’t become facts especially in courts of law or maybe they do? Five year are running the world in that case.

  48. This story makes no sense to me. I think Bolton would testify if Trump was not blocking his appearance and therefore there would no need for court intervention or any delay

  49. Bolton is merely protecting his own career as a confidante to power. He'd like to squeal on Trump but only if they 'force' him.

  50. My gosh! I was a registered Dem for 50+ years and changed 2 years ago because I finally realized they were not going to come back to a centrist position. They have since gone completely off the reservation and I see no redemption for them. The leaders of the party are clearly deranged and are blatantly lying to their own party members. Obama and his Chicago Mob politics and Lying Crooked Hillary ruined the Dem party. I'd like to see a third party come in and clean up the dirty lying crooks in Congress.

  51. We know what the President said. We have the transcript. Bolton has nothing to add. Why don’t you people get this. SMDH

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