WWE 2K20 News: Executive “Disappointed” By Negative Reaction, BUT Take-Two STILL Optimistic?!

what’s up guys welcome back to the
channel in to more WWE 2K20 and today
we’re gonna be discussing not the
reaction of the community towards the
game because we already discussed our
multiple times the launch of 2k 20 has
not been pretty and it hasn’t been
well-received with the game currently
sitting with a Metascore rating of 42
with a user score of only 0.9 so again
the launch hasn’t been pretty and
because of it there has been a lot of
concerns in regards to the future of the
series so let’s discuss the reaction
coming from within specifically take-two
interactive precedent who also share his
disappointment at the low review scores
and the poor reception of WWE 2k twenty
received from the community the big
positive about all of it is that take 2
is still optimistic for the future of
the series so as we know over a week ago
visual concept released a patch to
address the issues and now an executive
at the developers parent company has
responded as well take two precedent set
on an earnings call that the company is
disappointed by the low review scores
from critics and feedback from player
but added that they are looking to
improve the experience and future
he stated while we are disappointed with
the reviews and customer feedback for 2k
20 last week’s visual console released a
patch that should address many of the
concerns and they will continue to make
further enhancements to the gameplay
experience in regards to the franchise
overall he indicated the following the
WWE brand continues to expand worldwide
and we believe there remains a
substantial long-term opportunity to
grow our WWE 2k series by improving the
quality of the game a bit of a general
statement but nonetheless is still good
to hear that at least are keeping
optimistic about it and that there are
planning to enhance the gameplay
experience while also acknowledging the
fact that there is disappointment on how
the game has been received so seeing
long-term growth opportunity for the
franchise and improving game quality
going forward sounds great but we also
have to be realistic they’ve even
mentioned the latest patch which was
to address a lot of things but in
reality I’ve been seeing even more
complain about the game and I honestly
been crashing even more and as we
discussed it did addressed a lot of
problems like image downloaded but also
broke a bunch of things pertaining to it
including the fact that even though
we’re able to use it we can upload it to
community creation but once downloaded
it looks completely different or you
load for every to download it it never
downloads which means that you game just
crashes it’s clear that with this game
visual concept had to start off from the
ground and build it off under oh now
that they’re not working with u-k’s and
I’m just hoping that what’s being
promised the improvement quality of the
game is actually deliver with upcoming
updates and update our for this year’s
game not next year because the community
trust right now it’s on an all-time low
and that’s unfortunate anyways guys that
is what I got for you in this video if
you found this informative or anything
in-between make sure to elbow drop it
and have those notifications turn on to
always be up to date on all the latest
we are on the road to 200,000
subscribers a much – Yahoo did

88 Replies to “WWE 2K20 News: Executive “Disappointed” By Negative Reaction, BUT Take-Two STILL Optimistic?!”

  1. The future development of the games are going to continue as planned from the yukes era keeping the same game modes but enhancements within them. As for innovations on new material it may have to wait at least passed 2020 as wwe 2k21 is already default for ps4 and xbox one. the new systems are coming out Q2 2020 which is too early for third party publishers and developers such as 2k sports. they're not prepared or ready to transition yet since they're under contract until Oct 2021 (via Transitional Console Agreement) signed in 2018

  2. This game is the new No Man's Sky when it got released the game was broken hopefully 2K can improve it before the end of 2019.

  3. All i want is create a championship back in the game without create a championship i haven't created many wrestlers just don't feel like creating anything without it

  4. Downloading patch is glitched. 25 gigs of free space can't download a 5 gig patch. Game not bad if major glitches fixed.

  5. If 2K and Take-Two want to make a good wrestling game the first thing they should do is stop releasing them yearly. Make a game you can play 2-3 years and then release a new one. Each and every game is copy and paste so of course they need fix and add everything we want cause all they do is slap a new logo on a 6 year old game.

  6. Smh. If only the game was just delayed and 2K and Visual Concepts gave the game more care and technical attention……… 😔

  7. They have very little to be upset about, they should have just given us a wrestling game worthy of the name, I miss the THQ … Universe mode is unplayable, especially since the patch came out …

    This patch made it even worse and I didn't think it was possible

    Only today, and I'm not kidding, did i crash 12 times, -_-

  8. How can they possibly be surprised and upset by the shitty scores when they put out a complete pile of unfinished garbage???

  9. They need to take the fighting game route & just do seasonal updates in features/roster while tweaking the game in between those seasons. Problem solved.

  10. Let's face facts this game is a wash..its buyers remorse for all of us…add to the fact that 2k has the license for the game its done for as 2k only will focus its money an man power on the GTA /Red Dead franchise..Wwe games we have seen the last if not 2k20

  11. They should be disappointed in themselves. There's no way that a broken game should be released. They should be doing something free for the fans.

  12. It’s a no brainer every glitch that was patched that was in the series is back. Just go back to video archives of the glitches in the series. They should have the solution provided they go back.

  13. 2K need to beg for yukes to return. And they need to fall the fuck back, and let yukes make the game how they wanted to make it.

  14. They are disappointed with customer feedback after they released an unfinished and broken game? Wow! Plus there's still a glitch for winning a title with your custom MITB trophy, I have tried each and every way for this trophy and I still cant get it even though I do end up winning the match and the title I set to go after. The patch updates were vague at best. They should just hire dedicated and smart programmers to finish this pile of dung heap. #fix2k20

  15. I feel like inside gaming theory could be correct on destroying the game cause sales every year is lower

    And maybe they doing this stuff on purpose so Wwe might go f 2k or when it comes to a new contact offer it be even lower and 2k just declines

    End of the day at this point I’m properly not going to buy next years game this should be a massive wake up call on how bad 2k have been this year

    NBA and wwe are rip

    Only thing that sold well was borderlands 3 and that was not cause of 2k but take two

    I think 2 k need to do the stuff people want and have asked constantly.

    Might as well look forward to what yukes are doing and aew game

  16. @macho t the image updater still doesn't work right. I have had to upload a single image many times before it transmitted to the image manager in game. Some images I have uploaded 20+ times and still haven't gotten them in the image manager. So they only fixed it slightly.

  17. And yet people act like this game is the best when it really is not and now we hear this which prove s s the point that other people have been saying the whole time but apparently they do not care or give a dam or they know they just don't care and they keep accepting this crap all the time and now the company finally realized how bad this game really did and how bad it really is well looks like there might not be 2k21 and this is the end of 2k possibly well that s what they get for ripping people off especially the one s who pre ordered this game and payed alot of money for the other edition s to this game and now wwe wants there money back now to that also what they get for allowing 2k continue makeing the wwe 2k games man I'm mean Seriously! Vince especially he is also to blame for all this as well Rushing this game knowning that its gonna be all messed up and the same all the time not giving them more time to make this game money hungry.

  18. The executives were disappointed by the reviews… Really? Like they didn't know the game was in this condition before launch. Stop it. Enhance the gameplay… How? They shouldn't be worried about enhancing anything until they get the basic needs of the game right. That's where they went wrong in the first place.

  19. It won't matter if its gonna be on the new gens its gonna be the same tying with of course new features! Better features of course better! Graphics! New match types but same matches types then try to make a old feature new like gm mode back into the game new universe mode possibly better possibly! or same new career mode maybe a new extreme rules match type or same new backstage brawl with maybe better features or same a bigger roster as always dlcs of course towers but hopefully yukes does all this then I believe but as long as it is still 2k makeing this!!!!!!! Hell!!!!!!! Naw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Of course the executives are disappointed. They don’t program or create. They did not know anything about the game. Hopefully sales/ reputation will tank and they will actually produce a good game in the future

  21. As someone who was a die-hard advocate for 2K getting the rights to this series, it hurts to see them completely drop the ball. I wonder if anyone from Visual Concepts are fans or even watch wrestling. There are so many things wrong with this game. They need to rethink everything from the technical to the philosophical aspects.

  22. There are lots of problems with lunch of the game but it's still good to me. I know that patch wasn't going to be what everyone expected. I'm still in love with this game just waiting for the new dlc pack new superstars, Legends more better patches creation championship is the biggest one I can't wait to see.

  23. If their smart they won't release WWE 2k21 in October next year seeing how more than likely the next home consoles should be out by x-mas they should use those extra months to polish the game. And hopefully go back to superstar dlc and not these cheap original skins.

  24. 2k never listen to the fans so how the hell can they be disappointed lol? We been asking for GM mode, we been asking for a decent roster, we been asking for a much better universe mode. In return we get NOTHING we ask for but instead 2k add childish ass modes like ' big head mode ' or instead of a decent roster you add zombie characters lol. Give us fans what we want and you'll have happy customers!

  25. Another problem is whenever I tried to download a custom superstar or alternate attire , it keeps loading for a long time

  26. Not sure if anyone has this problem but I can't seem to download any wrestler with custom logos in the community. Like I tried to download Tessa Blanchard with her Diamond Attire & Taya Valkyrie with her Mexican Attire but all I get is VERY LONG downloading screen that never ends, which I have to restart the game. Hopefully the next patch fixes it since the better looking CAWS are always the ones with the customs made logos.

  27. People will complain if they don't win a match trust me reviews are worthless. When are REAL GAMERS gonna realize this?

  28. But I still say 2K alternates between NBA and WWE games every other year. Gives more time to work on the game plus you don't have NBA and COD to compete with every single year.

  29. I haven't opened up my copy since launch and thinking about returning my copy. Still trying to be patient till they fix everything. Well majority of the real issues.

  30. Getting tired of games delivering half ass crap selling it for full price. Lost respect for this company. I'm good and wont buy their games anymore.

  31. Makeups for the entrance, Opacity images or designs, import attires, income images for the community creation by changing from 2018 to 2019, and etc. Stop playing with me 2K. The reason why they get poor ratings in WWE 2K20? It's because ya didn't get the job done!

  32. Lol disappointed?? They sold everyone a broken game and they are disappointed and suprised HAHAHAHA.

    I can't even download characters and every time I try to play road to glory against players it crashes.

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