WWE NEWS TODAY – How AEW Stolen Belt Was Found By Police (AEW TITLE FOUND)/Donald Trump Replies WWE

Here is news for september 5th 2019
WWE NEWS TODAY – How AEW Stolen Belt Was Found
Donald Trump Replies WWE
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Guys here’s our news headlines
How police find chris jericho AEW
world title
Former wcw star calls chris jericho
losing a AEW title karma
Why KO was absence from
smackdown live this week
Famous WWE star battling
Parkinson’s Disease
WWE hall of fame 2020 inductee
Donald trump reportedly reponse
to WWE inivitation for smackdown
appearance on FOX
Kenny omega and Pac unhappy
with match at AEW ALL OUT
Huge match booked for AEW
Full Gear
WWE raw nominatted for people’s
choice award
Impact star returning to WWE
Chris Jericho’s AEW World title
was recently stolen
and though there were many jokes
made about the theft, there
weren’t many leads.
The title was missing for two hours
before Police were called,
but has since been found in the
last place you’d expect it, at the
side of the road
According to Jeffrey Burlew of the
Tallahasse Democrat,
the AEW World title was turned in
at Tallahasse’s Police
Department yesterday,
with the title in question being
valued at 30 thousand dollars.
Jericho, who became the first AEW
World Champion at All Out with a
victory over Adam Page
was his usual heel self on social
media, saying it was his efforts that
helped get the belt back.
The important thing now is that the
belt has finally been found,
and maybe Jericho will be more
careful with the richest prize in
the new promotion,
ahead of their TV launch on TNT
in October this year.
Though there were plenty of people
who were concerned over the
missing title,
one wrestler who wasn’t feeling
sympathetic for Jericho was former
WCW and Impact star Disco Inferno.
In a tweet, Inferno described Jericho
losing the title as one of the most
amateurish things
you will ever seen a wrestler do, and
described the Fozzy singer as an
Ass Clown.
Inferno would also describe the incident
as Karma for some things Jericho has
said about the dancing wrestler,
but though he was able to tag Jericho
in the tweet, failed to tag the actual
AEW account.
Inferno is no stranger to controversy,
recently having a misogynist gimmick
on Impact Wrestling,
though it seems the 51 year old star
won’t be working with AEW anytime soon.
Over to WWE now and this week’s
Labour Day edition of RAW brought
in 2.5 million viewers,
down slightly from last week
2.52 million.
Though this isn’t a massive change,
the company did reportedly have a
shakeup this week,
as according to the Wrestling Observer,
Ryan Ward is out as the lead writer
of SmackDown Live.
Though the decision was described
as a “personal leave”, we can certainly
see why Ward would want to leave,
as Vince McMahon has reportedly
been heavily involved with the
blue brand recently
even tearing up scripts just hours
before the show.
As a response, WWE writing veteran
Ed Koskey will be moved to SmackDown,
after serving as the head writer of RAW.
Koskey, who has been with WWE for
18 years will work under SmackDown’s
Executive Director Eric Bischoff,
whilst his former role on RAW has
been given to Johnathon Baeckstrom.
Baeckstrom had been working as
the lead writer of 205 Live since
November 2016,
but was moved to RAW earlier this
year at the request of RAW
director Paul Heyman.
There’s certainly been plenty of
shakeups backstage, and the WWE
Universe could soon see another
as the company is reportedly
preparing for another draft next month.
The draft, which will reportedly take
place over two days on October
11th and 14th,
will come shortly after SmackDown
debuts on FOX, as it seems the
company wants a fresh start on
their new home.
Two Superstars who will need to
settle their score before the draft
is Daniel Bryan and Erick Rowan
as the former Tag Team Champions
imploded on this week’s show.
After being revealed as the sole
perpetrator on the attacks on
Roman Reigns,
Rowan would attack the Big Dog
and Bryan, though he may not be
alone for much longer.
On Twitter, Rowan tweeted a cryptic
image of a puppet playing with skulls,
telling his followers “I’ve got no
strings to HOLD ME DOWN”, which
caught the attention of the Fiend
Bray Wyatt.
Telling Rowan “Come home baby boy”,
Wyatt hinted at a reunion for the two,
which could be possible if their pair
end up on the same roster after the
rumored draft.
Though Erick Rowan certainly left
an impression on this week’s
SmackDown Live,
one Superstar who didn’t was Kevin
Owens, who was absence for the
entire show.
The former Universal Champion
took to social media to explain why,
and though he joked at first about not
wanting to see Shane McMahon show
up, the truth wasn’t as fun.
Owens told his followers that he didn’t
want to fly out early and leave his
family in the midst of Hurricane Dorian
which is set to cause major damage
to the United States.
Fans know that Owens is a family man,
but hopefully the Prize fighter will be
back on TV sooner rather than later.
We’ve got some new from New York
Comic Con next, as WarnerMedia is
bringing All Elite Wrestling to the
Just two days after the company debuts
on TNT, the con will host a panel with
AEW Champion Chris Jericho,
Jon Moxley, Awesome Kong, Nyla
Rose, Brandy Rhodes and Jungle
on Friday October tenth, at 4:15pm
in Room 1A10.
There’s clearly a huge crossover
between comic con and wrestling fans,
and this certainly sounds like some
great exposure for the new company
and will hopefully attract more viewers.
Though AEW is no doubt having a
huge launch show on TNT next month,
they’re not the only company with plans,
as the WWE is also preparing for
their massive debut show for
SmackDown on FOX.
The blue brand will debut on it’s
new home on October 18th.
Though the show is already loaded
with huge names,
one person fans shouldn’t be
expecting is current U.S. President
Donald Trump,
who will reportedly be just too
busy in October to appear.
In a Patreon Exclusive post, Brad
Shephard said that Trump is expected
to politely decline the invitation,
though WWE has denied the rumor
they sent any kind of invitation out
to the Commander in chief.

With or without the POTUS,
SmackDown’s launch on FOX
is shaping up to be a huge night,
with a WWE Title triple threat match
already announced,, as well as

appearances from legends like Kurt
Angle, Hulk Hogan and the Icon,
Though WWE is preparing for a
huge night next month, that doesn’t
mean they’ve forgotten about their
live events
and though the company may travel
the world entertaining milliomns of

fans, there are some places they
won’t go.
On the On You Didn’t Know podcast,
Brad Shephard claimed that WWE
wanted to travel to Venezuela as
part of their recent South American
tour, but were advised not to by
government officials. He said:
“According to a source in WWE,
Venezuela tried to get WWE to
come to their country during their
country during their South American
tour, and WWE was advised not to
go by the State Department”.
Whether WWE ever head to
Venezuela down the line remains
to be seen
though we know that it probably
won’t happen at any point in 2019.
Some sad news to report now, as
former WWE Superstar and current

AEW employee Dean Malenko has
revealed he is battling Parkinson’s
The man of a thousand holds made
the news public when he appeared
at Starrcast shortly before All
Out, and we hear at Slat Rock would
like to send the Ice Man and his family
our very best wishes.
Speaking of All Out, the show
featured a dream match between
Kenny Omega and Pac
though this match only happened
because Jon Moxley was unable
to compete.
Despite this, the fans in the Sears
Center clearly loved the match
but two people who weren’t a fan
were Omega and Pac themselves.
During Talk is Jericho, the new AEW
World Champion spoke about the
reaction backstage, saying:
“Kenny and Pac were made
because their match went
too long and they
had to cut a bunch of stuff and
they were not happy about it.”
Jericho on the other hand, would
describe the bout as the best
match on the show, and even
compared the pair to Eddie Guerrero
and Chris Benoit
who would also find flaws in their
incredible matches together.
Hopefully Pac and Omega will be
able to realise just how
exceptional their match
was as the pair prepare to be
two of the biggest stars in AEW
as the company grows.
Though All Out was a huge
success, it’s time for the company
to look forward
as AEW will host their next Pay
Per View this November.
Called Full Gear, the show will
take place on November 9th and
will be the company’s
first Pay Per View since their TV
launch, and one huge match has
already been confirmed
Though All Out was supposed to
feature Kenny Omega Vs. Jon
Moxley, the former WWE Champion
to pull out because of MRSA in his
elbow, though the match has
been confirmed for Full Gear
With the Cleaner not being happy
with his match against Pac at All
Out, hopefuly Omega and Moxley
will leave the fans, and themselves
pleased when they finally collide
this November
Back to WWE now, and Monday
Night RAW has received a huge
nomination at the People’s Choice
Awards, for TV show of 2019.
Though it’d be great to see the red
brand win, RAW will face some
stiff competition
as it’ll go up against Game of Thrones,
Grey’s Anatomy, Stranger Things,
the Big Bang Theory and Riverdale.
Fans that want to show their
support for RAW can tweet
with the hashtags
TheShow and WWERAW, to
have their votes counted.
The award ceremony will take
place on Sunday November
10th in Santa Monica
California, and will air live on the
E! Network.
Well though WrestleMania 36
may be months away, the
company is reportedly
already planning some big things,
as the WWE is preparing next
year’s inductees into the Hall of Fame
On his Oh You Didn’t Know
Patreon, Brad Shepard spoke
about the company’s Legacy
Wing, and revealed that Orville
Brown will make the cut in 2020.
Though many fans won’t know of
Brown, he did create history in
become the first-ever NWA World
Champion in 1948, before his
sad passing in 1972.
According to Shepard, the only
reason Brown isn’t already
inducted is because Vince
McMahon didn’t realise he wasn’t
already a Hall of Famer
as Brown’s career and impact
on wrestling is easily worthy
of an induction.
From someone who’s career is
over to someone who is
undergoing a major change
as former Impact Wrestling star
Scarlet Bordeaux recently

appeared at the WWE’s performance
Squared Circle Sirens reported
that Bordeaux was seen working
out inside the ring
and this comes after her contract
with Impact came to an end
this past June.
Bordeaux got her start in wrestling
in 2012, trained by Jimmy Jacobs
and Truth Martini
and already has plenty of companies
under her belt, working for OVW,
ROH, Triple A and Impact in the past
Some fans will even remember
Bordeaux’s brief stints in WWE,
as she appeared as one
of Adam Rose’s Rosebuds in 2014
and 2015, and lost to Nia Jax in a
squash match in 2016.
With her time in Impact helping to
boost her star power, the
Smoke Show certainly
has a lot going in her favour, as
it seems it may be a matter of
time before she gets signed.
And finally we’re ending with
some NXT news, as Superstar
Jordan Myles
recently got the opportunity of
a lifetime against Adam Cole.
Meeting for the NXT Championship,
Myles looked ready to stun
the champion
though it was Cole who got
the win in a hard fought
With this win, Cole will once
again look to keep his
impressive title reign
going against whoever his
next opponent will be
as it seems life is very good
for every member of the
Undisputed Era.
Well guys , that’s the news for today
Let us know your thoughts down in the
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